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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Why Kerry vs. Swiftboats is important.

I was able to check out a glimpse of Booker's News today.  Responding to a commentary by Sowell, Molotov asked this:

Maybe it's because it happened when we were 1 year old, but why are the candidates and media talkin' about old crap? We care more about what they're gonna do now about the military, war on terrorism, etc.

Alot of people have asked the question, "Why are we talking about Vietnam again?" 

Well, actually we're talking about something that happened during Vietnam, but we aren't talking about Vietnam in and of itself.  I know that may sound confusing, but gimme a second to explain:

This is less about Vietnam than it is about a presidential candidate that boosted his image at the expense of thousands of veterans; some of which he served with.  And now that he is being checked on that, he's crying foul.  And it's quite interesting to see how he has reacted to it.  Kerry has taken criticism by Bush and the media, mainly for his flip flops, that ribbon controversy, and the like.  However, during a good amount of that time most weren't paying attention to Kerry like they are now.  Now there is more attention being placed on Kerry since the Democratic National Convention.

And how has he reacted?  Instead of facing these challenges head on, like he said he was going to do (i.e. the steering the boat into the attack thing), he has done nothing but run from the accusations.  He has used lawyers to try to intimidate television stations into pulling the ads from off the air, claiming they are lying while using faulty information themselves.  He has intimidated the publisher, Regency, calling for them to pull the book claiming it's all lies.  He's tried to paint this as a Bush attack, trying to say that the Bush campaign is bankrolling all of this.

I think Malkin put it best:

MALKIN: He hasn‘t been subjected to this kind of heat. And as Willie Brown is suggesting, if he can‘t stand the heat from his fellow veterans, do we really want to trust him to stand up to Islamic extremists?


This is the man who wants to be the next President of the United States at a time where we are at war with Islamic terrorists...but can't even handle the rigors of basic American politics.  As a phone call that was reported by Drudge suggests, John Kerry wasn't even prepared to have to defend himself on Vietnam despite his anti-war statements denouncing these people and the way he trashed some of his own commanding officers in his own biography.

It goes into the heart of this man's integrity; an integrity that has been questioned ever since he was nominated as the Democratic Presidential Nominee.  Most people have believed that John Kerry would say and do anything to get elected, and this incident serves as a big reason why.

That's why this issue is so important.

Posted at 05:49 pm by Expertise

August 24, 2004   06:06 PM PDT
Great site! Although we don't agree on everything, we do agree on a lot and I commend you on such a sound and well-thought-out web site.

Although I try to avoid politics too much on my own blog, I have been going that route in dribs and draps lately. It's always a good think to express one's beliefs, but that's of course axiomatic.

I am both dismayed and distrurbed by the large number of rather unsavory remarks on your tag-board. While I am certainly not condoning them I'm sure you knew coming into this that you were bound to elicit such reactions.

Again, great site and enjoy the upcoming convention.


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