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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Russian jets had hijackers?

It's possible:

If you didn't know, two Russian jets went down almost simultaneously today.

This came in over the AP:

The Russian news agency Interfax reported that a hijacking signal was activated on the second plane before it went missing. The signal came at 11:04 p.m. from the Tu-154 airliner, Interfax quoted the source in Russia's "power structures" as saying.
Of course, you can never really know what happened, as Russia is shrouded in secretcy.  In fact, it was my initial opinion that the Russian govt probably blew up the planes themselves - whether accidentally or on purpose.

And take notice that this Sunday Chechnya has their presidential elections.  Terrorists have been trying to pull a Madrid in order to influence that election, which is to replace the former president who was killed in a bombing.

Keep your eye on this one, folks.

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