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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
NFL wrapup.

Eh.  This was an alright week. 

Of course, Pittsburgh is the king of the hill for right now, and perhaps for the rest of the regular season.  I don't see them losing anytime soon.  The Eagles and Patriots have came back from their respective whuppins from the Steelers, although they really haven't been tested yet (Well, the Pats had a pretty impressive win over the Rams last week, so I guess that accounts for something.) 

But I watched the Eagles/Cowboys game last night, the Eagles didn't look that great against a team that has pretty much given up on the season.  Sure, TO got three touches but that was against a nonexistent secondary that didn't seemed like they didn't try.  The Eagles' chances of sweeping the NFC look pretty good, although the Eagles are still vulnerable to a good secondary effort and an offense that can possibly put points on the board.  The only teams I can see doing that right now are all in the AFC, albeit Atlanta can do that if their defense decides to show up that day, and possibly Minnesota and St. Louis can outshoot them.

For example, I watched Atlanta/Tampa Bay, and it was a decent game.  Tampa Bay looked real sloppy, as it was their worst effort since Michael Vick has been playing in Atlanta.  Tampa Bay usually plays "kill the man" with Vick, as their linemen are reall quick and can shut him down.  Vick was contained for a while, but finally he started connecting with Algee Crumpler, who got two huge passes late in the game.  That pretty much put the Bucs away. 

Atlanta is in that second tier in the league with Minnesota, Green Bay, St. Louis, Jacksonville and Denver.  However, I'm still not sold on their chances to be a quality team right now because you never know when their defense will show up, and if you have a good back - ala Priest Holmes's dismantling of their defense a few weeks ago - they will get ran over.  Lucky for them the NFC only has a couple of those backs, so I expect them to lose once to New Orleans this year.  And they might have a problem with Tiki Barber and the Giants next week, albeit they've been having problems as well.

I'm just grateful that Carolina didn't lose the Toilet Bowl matchup vs. San Francisco, but I was really pissed that they let themselves get behind 17-0 late in the first half.  There's no excuse for that.  Luckily San Francisco's defensive line couldn't push their way through a wet paper bag, so Delhomme was able to do the things he normally would if he had a real offensive line.  Fox might as well get used to the idea that Carolina will be a passing team for the rest of the year, considering all three running backs are hurt.

Okay so I went....8-6 last week.  Not good.  Hopefully I'll do better with next week's predictions, which should be up Saturday.

Also, congratulations to my TARHEELS for turning this season around and getting a big win over Wake Forest.  If they beat Duke, they'll go to their first bowl game in about..three or four years.  That's great, and I'm really excited about UNC quarterback Darian Durant.  You might hear about him doing some big things next year in the NFL.

So Tarheels, go get our bell back!

Oh, and one more thing to the prudes out there:  GET OVER YOURSELVES.  It wasn't as if she flashed a tiddie on national television or anything.  Get a life.

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