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Thursday, November 18, 2004
Cleveland anchor poses nude for sweeps.

Did anyone hear about the stunt this anchor pulled in Cleveland this week?

Well, Action News 19's Sharon Reed - in a very cheap attempt to grab ratings during sweeps - decided to do a nude feature story, taping numerous people naked, including herself.

I haven't seen the actual video of the story.  I'm sure I'll find it somewhere online by the end of the night, but CNN has a pretty good description of what went down:

Sharon Reed was one of hundreds of people who participated in Spencer Tunick's nude photo installation in Cleveland in June. Her report, shown Monday on the 11 p.m. newscast on WOIO-TV, showed far away angles of her nude and some closer seminude shots, as well as other participants.

And believe me, they made no bones about why they did it:

WOIO news director Steve Doerr said the idea was to cover Tunick, a well-known artist, in a different way. Doerr said the story also was aimed at bringing in ratings during November sweeps when audiences are measured to set advertising rates.

Monday night's newscast received a record 17.1 share, compared with the 13.6 earned during the newscast airing immediately after this year's Super Bowl, according to Broadcasting & Cable, an industry publication.

And they are eating this up, as they plan another story on this tonight.  This is from their website:

All of Cleveland has something to say about the most controversial news story in the city's history. 19 Action News anchor Sharon Reed, along with 3,000 other Clevelanders, posed naked for a world-famous photographer. In the highest-rated local newscast in the station's history, the story aired with unedited, unaltered video.

After making local television history, there's more to be told.

With telephones ringing off the hook, national networks requesting interviews and receiving more than 1 million hits from Internet users across the globe, 19 Action News is baring it all again -- this time showing the story behind the big story.

Exactly how do you green-light a story that features the nudity of one of your own news anchors? If you think the viewers who watched the story are divided, wait until you see how this report went over in our own newsroom. It's an unprecedented look at how a high-stakes news story can turn a newsroom upside down.

That's Thursday night at 11 on 19 Action News, right after a new episode of "Without A Trace."

Now, am I salty because she was naked?  No.  That's no big thing.  But I am disturbed by it industry-wise, in which now television stations will go above and beyond the news in order to gain ratings in this kind of manner.

With all due respect, just report the damn news.  Reed looks good, and if she was naked in front of me, I wouldn't turn my head away from her.  But I'm sure I can see better bodies on porn doing a WHOLE lot more.  This is nothing more than a tease. 

I mean hell; if you gonna go this far, why half-step?  Get a train started or somethin?!??!??  All of those people naked...and no orgies?  If you gonna do something, do it right.

UPDATE:  Yo....this chick got ISH-SHUES, man.

I was sitting here all day thinkin, "Sharon Reed, Sharon Reed...where have I heard that name before?"  I knew that chick from somewhere.  And then Tooley reminded me that she was about to get her ass whupped by Philly anchor Alicia Taylor about a couple of years ago.  She ended up having to leave Philly because of that.

She was also linked to jungle fever victim Robert De Niro, as well as with the Eagles' Donovan McNabb and the Sixers' Aaron McKie.  In the case of McKie, she was accused of being a homewrecker.

It's quite sad to see such a situation come to pass.  She's enjoying this for the short-term, but what happens once this dies down and she loses her 15 minutes of fame?  She's placed herself in a bad spot considering that there will be very few top tiered markets that will take her after this and the other issues she's had.  You might as well call her damaged goods.


Folks, believe me when I tell you this... good.

Naw; life is REALLY good.

I don't even care no mo.  I'm through.

If you really want to see more pics, check out this link:

Posted at 10:54 am by Expertise

September 28, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
Didja know? WOIO "sat" on this story for 5 months. It was shot in June 2004, and they didn't air it until November, because they wanted to get the most "bang for their buck" by airing it during sweeps.



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