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Sunday, November 21, 2004
NFL picks.

This won't be a big week, as there really isn't any high-profile matchups.  Expect the favorites to cruise for the most part.

anyways, here are my picks this week:

Baltimore over Dallas

St. Louis over Buffalo

Carolina over Arizona

Indy over Chicago

Steelers over Cincinnatti

Jets over Cleveland

Jacksonville over Tennessee

Minnesota over Detroit

New Orleans over Denver

Tampa over San Fran

Chargers over Oakland

Seattle over Miami

Giants over Atlanta (that's my upset)

Philly over Washington

Houston over Green Bay

and Monday Night:  Pats over KC

Games to watch are Houston/GB, NO/Denver (both need a win), Atlanta/Giants (Atlanta will make the playoffs easily, but Giants need a win and Eli Manning gets his first start), and possibly Balt/Dallas for the simple fact that the Ravens' O sucks just enough to keep Dallas in that one throughout. 

They'll be some alright games, and I'm sure one of the top tier teams will slack off and come close to getting upsetted, but it doesn't look good on paper for this week.  Let's hope I do better than my 8-6 record from last week.

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