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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
NFL wrapup.

A solid week, albeit there was only a couple of hot games, and those weren't supposed to be as good as they were.

Minnesota, New England, and Pittsburgh almost blew it.  Pittsburgh and New England pulled it out, and it took a 12-point turnaround in the 4th for Minnesota to pull out the win. All three showed a bit of weakness in their games this week.

Atlanta almost blew it too, all in the face of a rookie quarterback's first start.  If Algee Crumpler wasn't on that field Atlanta would probably be 6-4 rather than 8-2.  But even 6-4 is more than enough to win the NFC South and get a playoff spot, as it looks as if no other team in that division will make it to .500.

Speaking of the South, I don't know what Charles Robinson has been smoking, but he needs to get off of it.  Saying the 4-6 Bucs will contend for the last playoff spot?  I don't think so.  Blowing out the Niners isn't impressive, and more than likely they'll probably split the games between the Panthers, and lose to Atlanta and San Diego.  That's nine losses right there.

Right now, I got the byes in the NFC going to Philly and Atlanta, with GB, Minnesota, Seattle, and the Rams getting the wild cards.  But that could change if the Giants pull off the upset in Philly.

In the AFC, it looks like Pittsburgh and New England with the byes, and Baltimore, Denver, San Diego, Indy gettin the wild cards.  I don't see that changing anytime soon.  The Jets will be done once they hit December.

Turkey day will be boring, as the Colts should feast on the Lions, but a half assed game between the Cows and the Bears.  If Parcells loses that game, don't expect him back next year.  But the biggest game of the week will be New England/Baltimore.  The Ravens better bring their A-game for that one.  Kyle Boller better play his best game on Sunday.

I thought Carolina/San Francisco about two years ago would be this year's Toilet Bowl matchup.  I was wrong.  It's this week's Miami/San Francisco matchup.  Both teams are 1-9 and Miami just lost Jay Fiedler for the season.  Let's hope CBS doesn't decide to make that the nationwide game.

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