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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Quote of the week.

By Jonah Goldberg from National Review:

But Kerry left out another area where the status quo was to be extended by another Bush term: The president can do nothing right.

This has been a constant theme of the last four years. When Bush was allegedly acting unilaterally (Iraq), he was denounced for not being multilateral. When he was multilateral (North Korea), he was denounced for not being unilateral. When Europeans are excluded, that's bad (again, allegedly Iraq); when Europeans are allowed to take the lead (Iran), that's bad, too. When Bush "outsourced" the war in Afghanistan by using non-American troops, that was a monumental mistake, according to Kerry and others. When we didn't outsource the war in Iraq, that was a monumental mistake as well. And so on.

Is there a such thing as being "too" right?  If so, Goldberg is too right to a tee as he takes on the President's critics on Porter Goss's reformation of the CIA.  Read it when you get a chance.

I think I'll write about Democratic Party contradictions in my column at NorthernArc this week.

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