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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Turkey Day

I'm not going to say much - mainly because it's the middle of the night (I'm a vampire) and I'm on a janky, archaic computer with a measley dial-up connection.

But I will say thankful for what you have.

Everyone experiences hardships.  Everyone goes through something that it seems as if mountains will have to move in order for things to work out.  But always remember that no matter what you're going through, someone else has had harder problems, and they can overcome it.  So can you.  The only question is if or when you are going to do it.

Just like anyone else in this world, there are alot of things that I would go back and do over again if I had the chance.  Sometimes I lay at night thinking about it.  But then I remember so-and-so with the drug problem....or so-and-so with the three kids that has child support breathing down his neck...or this one that's about to lose their house...I simply feel fortunate that I am able to turn things around when need be.  Others don't have that opportunity.

All day tomorrow, I will be fortunate enough to be able to eat dinner at my mom's house, then go to about three other homes, pig out, watch football, and spend time with relatives.  Millions of people tomorrow will do the same things I'm going to do, but there are billions more that can't.  Consider yourself blessed - even for one day - to be able do the things you enjoy.

That is the heart of Thanksgiving.  See ya around.

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