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Friday, November 26, 2004
The real idiots.

This will be published on NorthernArc over the weekend.

As soon as John Kerry conceded the election, the self-righteousness of the left sprang forth to insult every Bush voter in the country.  Talk about secession, inbreeding, and intelligence became normal talking points when the left would discuss the election.  By the end of the day, a graphic was being passed around on the internet where the Canada/U.S. boundary had been moved further south to add all of the states Kerry won.  The northern country was named "The United States of Canada".  The Southern one, which comprised of the Bush states, was named "Jesusland".

That's normal for them, because they can't admit to how wrong they were throughout this election.  Instead of actually looking within to see what put you in this predicament, always assign blame to others.  After all, leftists have always been good at placing accountability someone other than themselves.

Continuing with their childlike temper-tantrum, average IQ statistics of every state in the nation were being passed around, where the states Kerry won had a higher IQ than most of the states that Bush carried.  Thus, it reminded me of watching an episode of Dexter's Laboratory on Cartoon Network way back, where Dexter starts yelling at his sister, Dee Dee: "You're STOOOPAAD!!"

But in this case, it's the left that's making themselves look "STOOPAD".  Had they actually took the time to think about what they're saying, and do just a little bit more reading - they're calling themselves stupid as well.

Anyone that looks at statistics knows you can't broadbrush the whole group by targeting a majority within a minority of the group and think that's going to provide an accurate analysis.  Leftists are taking the IQ's of the whole population within the state - IQ's and all - and are trying to use that to say the majority of the VOTING populace, which is a much smaller group, is stupid, and that's why they voted for Bush.

But Bush didn't get 100% of the vote in any state he won.  Indeed; most of the voters in the Southern states - where Bush swept the whole region, and tend to be at the bottom of the statistics table - are registered Democrats.  The next time you see someone touting the "stupid" statistic, ask them whether they feel their Democratic Kerry brethern are stupid as well.  Then ask them why have Democrats dominated the state and local legislatures of those states even to this very day.

Knowing leftists as well as I'm sure I do, they'll retort that those aren't leftists, or even moderates.  That's when it's really time to make them sweat:  ask them why the three Democratic presidents after John Kennedy's election in 1960 have been Southerners, and automatically leaders of their party.  It should be fun to see them stumble.

And precisely when did the South become stupid?  After all, the South as been a Democratic stronghold since Thomas Jefferson won the presidency in 1804 (although Jefferson called himself and his followers "Republicans" back then, before Andrew Jackson took the helm and started calling them Democrats).  Despite Republicans' attempts at a "Southern stragedy" during Nixon's runs for president in 68 and 72, Democrat Jimmy Carter still carried every Southern state on his way to winning the Presidency in 1976.  Was the South stupid during all of this time?  When Democrats had an eight-seat advantage in the Southern states in 1994, were they stupid then?  Precisely when did they become stupid?

Leftists are only showing their ignorance when they try to use statistics like these, not the supposed ignorance of others.

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