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Friday, June 25, 2004
And now, an Ann Coulter moment.

From this week's column, Moby's Dick (Isn't that a lil racy, Ann?):

"If we're so obsessed with it, why do they keep bringing it up? OK, uncle. You win, Mr. President. If I buy a copy of your book, will you just shut up once and for all, go away, and never come back? It will cost me $35, but, judging strictly by weight, that isn't a bad price for so much cow manure. At 957 pages, this is the first book ever published that contains a 20-minute intermission. Readers are advised to put it down and read a passage from Clinton's 1988 Democratic National Convention speech nominating Dukakis just to stay awake. This thing is so long, he almost called it "War and Peace." Or, I suppose, more properly, "War and a Piece."

Now, I don't care whether you like Coulter or not, but you CAN'T deny that this woman is one of the best creative writers within the political realm.  Now I consider myself witty and downright brutal at times, but man...I don't think I can reach Ann's level on my BEST day.

Maybe I will, within time.

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