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Saturday, March 12, 2005
Nichols is caught.

Alive, somehow.

We found out that he had jacked another car and took the female owner in it hostage, drove to her apartment in Gwinnett, and spent the night there.  Somehow, she left that morning (no one knows whether she escaped or he let her go) and she called Gwinnett police and they got him at her apartment.  Hence, it was a eerie end to a sad weekend in Metro Atlanta.

Oh yeah; CNN this morning caught security film of him walking down a flight of stairs right after he had jacked O'Briant's car, so it was a COMPLETE diversion.   O'Briant's car never left the parking garage.

Now that they have him, let's see some resignations.

I can go back to watching basketball for the rest of the weekend.  Carolina vs. Georgia Tech is on the tube right now.

Also:  Michael "Da" King has the breakdown of everything from the last 36 hours or so on his site.

Think about this too....The SEC Tournament was in Atlanta, about a block from where all of this went down.  Imagine what would have happened if one of the people Nichols had jacked was an SEC attendant.  How much more heat you think Atlanta and Fulton County would have had on their hands?


UPDATE:  Well, we find out what he did after he carjacked O'Briant.

He parked the car in the garage, went to the MARTA station (Check the map), got on the train at Dome/Phillps station and went to Five Points, transferred and went to Buckhead (Atlanta's party and entertainment district) by Lennox Station, robbed two people that WERE SEC tourists, went to the home of a federal immigration official, killed him and took his money and ID.  I guess the money wasn't enough, because he then grabbed the Gwinnett woman, probably around Lennox too.

Ain't that some shit?  If this guy really wanted to he could have been on the loose for days at a time and probably wouldn't have gotten caught inside Metro Atlanta.  Remember:  the only reason why he was caught was because the woman got away and called them up, not because of the cops.

Thank god I left that city.

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March 12, 2005   07:37 PM PST
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After checking them with Firefox, everything worked out fine. I suspect it's just a problem with browser rendering methods.

Oh well... at least it works most cases.
March 12, 2005   05:38 PM PST
Seige, I changed it, and I like it.

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And I don't mind you linking my page as an example. I'd be happy to get some potential new readers.
March 12, 2005   05:13 PM PST
Who's this guy? He certainly need some skills for not getting caught.

Anyway, this update is pretty cool. I've fixed several bugs. And you'll get a link at the end of the post.

If you like it, and would like to keep it, can I link your blog as an example to visitors to my blog. This way they'll have an idea what the scripts like.
March 12, 2005   04:45 PM PST
Thanks alot Seige! I'll change it sometime this evening.
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