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Monday, March 14, 2005
Spring Break and Contraceptives.

Instapundit linked to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article on The University of Wisconsin's health department advising college students to have emergency contraception - the morning-after pill - with them while they are on their Spring Break trips.

Then Reynolds said this:

You'd think that anti-abortion folks would approve, unless they just don't like the idea of people having sex, which certainly seems to be the issue in the article. My own criticism -- not echoed in the article -- is that they should be encouraging students to take non-emergency contraceptives with them. I mean, if you're going to be prepared, why not be properly prepared?

Here's an even better idea...why don't they stop acting like whores?

I'm not one that believes no one should have sex before marriage, but let's get real here.  Our society worries so much about contraception access and availability, but fails to encourage kids to make cogent decisions.  One of those is the idea that you don't have to sleep with every man you meet on the beach.

Just a thought. *shrugs*

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