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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Democrats threaten to throw GOP in briar patch.

Since some of you have probably never heard Southern fables, have you ever heard the story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby?

To sum it up, Brer Fox set a trap on Brer Rabbit, and once it was set, threatened to throw him in the briar patch, which is a wooded area full of thorns.  However, Fox didn't realize that rabbits are so small that they could easily slide around within the patch, and that's where they generally make their homes anyway.  Brer Rabbiit used Fox's ignorance against him, and begged Fox not to throw him in it.  Hence, Fox ended up helping Brer Rabbit escape thinking he was actually hurting him.

Now to today's big story.  The Republicans have announced that they have enough votes to implement the "nuclear option", which will pretty much kill off the filibuster in the Senate.  This means the judicial nominations held up by the Democrats will now go through the Senate by a mere majority vote.  In seeking retaliation, the Democrats threaten to stop all Senate business with the exception of national security and military issues.

Not only would this hurt the Democrats immensely by being viewed as obstructionists, but it would keep the Republicans' two major strengths in focus on the Senate floor the whole time.   The Democrats will continue to shoot themselves in the foot and continue to lose even more of their seats as long as they engage in this sort of childish behavior. 

Democrats are the minority.  Deal with it.

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