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Thursday, March 17, 2005
March Madness Thursday: Noon Schedule.

A number of great games going on right now...

The biggest shakeup at the moment is Wisconsin-Milwaukee leading Alabama by double digits.  I didn't think Alabama would make it to next weekend, but I thought they would seal the deal against Milwaukee, though.

A number of teams are trying to get the jitters out of them early today, as Eastern Kentucky is trailing behind Kentucky, but are still a couple of 3's of getting back into this game.  Niagara is hanging in there with Oklahoma, but I'd expect them to start pulling away anytime now.  The last game, Pacific vs. Pitt, should be a highly charged game and I expect that to be a close one all the way up to the end.

I'll be back around 3:00 PM to update and tell you about the afternoon games.

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