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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Death....and the left.

Reading different blogs and discussion boards hearing the arguments leftists and pro-death advocates are making about Terri Schiavo are quite peculiar.  They seem to come under a common theme...

"she's brain dead"

"she's a vegetable"

"let her die"

It's fairly typical stuff, as most leftist arguments are.  It centers around an ideology that we've seen for decades on end.  Their egotistical and elitist mindset gives them the impression that their opinions are so obviously logical and widely supported that something has to be mentally wrong or corrupt with the ones who have the opposite viewpoint.

Thus, Terri Schiavo should die because they would want to die if they were in her position.  Nevermind the fact that they don't have hard evidence to support this; mere hearsay stemming from her husband, his brother, and his brother's wife is more than enough.  Nevermind the fact that the family that raised her never heard anything like that being said by her; their right-wing biases and pro-life convictions disqualifies them from using rational logic. 

It would never occur to any of them that a sane person could possibly not wish to die if in they were disabled like Terri, in the hopes of finding a cure.  Of course, I'm sure nobody wants to live life in that condition, but that doesn't mean they would take death as an alternative.  That doesn't mean they are afraid of death.  It simply means they want to continue their life until a cure is possibly found or death naturally calls for them.

The central problem with the long-term effects of this case is that it provides a prescedent to euthanize disabled patients.  People talk about Congress setting a bad prescedent with legislation that granted Schindler v. Schiavo to be reviewed by federal courts, but what about the prescedent established by Florida Superior Court Judge George Greer?

Florida's law is set so that anyone being fed artificially is classified as being on life support.  That means if you are hooked to an eating machine and your guardian can get a doctor that can persuade a trial judge that your condition is irreversable, you can be starved to death.  The fact that the vital organs are still intact and your senses operating are just minor details.

It's amazing how the definitions of life and death have changed in the past 30 years since Roe v. Wade.  You're not alive until you are out of the womb, and if you are ever hooked up to a machine, you're considered to be living artifically.  It seems as if the window of life draws more and more narrow with every court ruling.

How far will Schindler v. Schiavo go in allowing guardians and the government in terminating the lives of disabled patients?  Although evidence was presented in court by numerous doctors testifying through affidavits that she was not legally classified as being in a persistent vegetative state and that it was possible for her condition to improve, the order to starve her to death went through anyway.  The time where judges won't have to consider PVS for a death order to stand is coming sooner rather than later.

Federal and state judiciaries in this day and age have stood the rule of law on it's head, so that a mere court trial can be applied in every state in this nation, thus forming a quasi-constitutional amendment.  If leftist judicial activists don't mind using decisions and interpretations from foreign courts to justify their rulings, they certainly won't mind using a trial court case in another state under an entirely different process in order to throw out a state law.

There will be some in the euthanasia movement who won't be satisfied until a quasi-eugenics society is created where a class of disabled citizens are killed off much in the same way as communist societies implemented, and some still do, in the past.  You may think this is a stretch, but equal rights amendment advocates in the 70's didn't think gay marriage would be legalized through their law either.  When you have an activist judge looking for a legal prescedent to merit his opinion instead of making an opinion based on legal prescedent, it doesn't take much.

I'm not pro-life, but I understand the dangers of unelected men to be given absolute authority without any kind of accountability by the populace or their elected representatives.  The Republicans who helped frame the Constitition - Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, etc warned the country about the dangers of a judiciary run amuck.  It's a shame that most of the country won't take heed of their words today.

Posted at 05:59 am by Expertise

April 7, 2005   08:12 PM PDT
Well using her logic, no one would be living naturally if they are using anything mechanical or manufactured. People who have to take aspirin daily are being kept alive by "science", or people that have pacemakers are being kept alive by "science".

If your vital organs are functioning, then you are alive. Period. "Science" has nothing to do with those things. I don't know what planet you come from, but starvation is not a natural death, particularly when it's starvation that was forced by the government.
stanky jones
April 7, 2005   03:37 PM PDT
A machine that feeds you is science keeping you alive. Animals that do not have the ability to feed themselves die. The tube was man made, the idea was man made, the machine was man made therefore there was nothing "NATURAL" about her food intake only science made it possible.
April 3, 2005   06:03 AM PDT
"Science" wasn't keeping her alive. Food was. She wasn't on any kind of life support, and her vital organs were intact. All she had was a machine that would feed her. What kept her alive was no different htan what keeps any of us alive, and that's food.
stanky jones
April 3, 2005   01:16 AM PST
"It simply means they want to continue their life until a cure is possibly found or death naturally calls for them."

death would be naturally calling for her if science was not keeping her alive.

March 24, 2005   12:50 PM PST
Ex,you are a genius. I would like to add that this whole situation will crack the door open to taking out healthy people who don't measure up to the "quality of life standard" This is simply scary.


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