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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Sweet Sixteen Thursday

No, I haven't forgotten about sports this week.  In fact, I may do a little liveblogging of tonight's games.

Since I don't have much time before they start, and I'll probably will be dividing my time between 850 The Buzz's blog and Yoco's blog (both are in my sidebar) and here, I'll just give you my picks:

- Louisville over Washington

- West Virginia over Texas Tech

- Illinois over Wisconsin-Milwaukee

- Arizona over Oklahoma State.

Upsets are highlighted yellow.  I'll be back.

7:30:  Wooooow.  I was about to complain when CBS switched coverage from Louisville/Washington to Illinois/Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but I just saw one of the best shootouts over a three-minute period that I've probably ever seen in basketball.  It looked like a real version of NBA Live.

Milwaukee got the worst of the exchange, but it was pretty impressive, and they aren't behind by much.  The score is 12-14, with Illi going 6-8 from the field and Milwaukee going 5-6.

7:44:  Milwaukee's taking too many shots beyond the arc.  The start of the game was good, and shows they are hyped, but they need to keep their heads and concentrate on working it inside and concentrate on defense.  21-17.

8:00:  Milwaukee is not getting control of things.  Attacking the basket, making turnovers and getting a number of fast breaks.  Illinois looks to be a little off at this moment after a very fast start.

The refs are doing so-so.  Caught Milwaukee with a goaltend, but missed the intentional foul on the next series.  Illinois is up by four with Milwaukee at the line coming out of the time out.

8:05:  Just wanted to mention Louisville is up by 12 at halftime after being down by seven early in the first half.  Not good for Washington.  Illinois has went on a 7-0 run to lead by ten.  I doubt Milwaukee can endure this run. 

Hold on...a basket and the ft cuts the lead to seven.

8:13:  39-32 Illinois at halftime.  Milwaukee needs to come out aggressively in the second half.  They don't want to have to fight off an Illini double digit lead down the stretch.  They also struggled from the field during the last couple of minutes of that half as well.

8:31:  CBS switched coverage to Washington/Louisville.  Washington are trying to place all of their eggs into one basket by coming out shooting threes in the second half.  Louisville's playing smart by feeding it inside and putting it on the glass.

CBS sent it back to Illinois/Milwaukee.  Ugh.

8:45:  Both Washington and Milwaukee are running out of time, as both are behind by double digits.  It seems as it's a stalemate in both games at this point in time, with Illinois and Louisville doing enough to keep the game at a distance.  Illinois is up by 11; Louisville is up by 10.

9:00:  CBS switched coverage to Louisville/Washington.  Good.  I love how Louisville is attacking the basket, grabbing offensive rebounds, working the paint, and Louisville's Velacio (sp?) has a great first step that's punishing Washington anytime they apply pressure on him in the front court.

Milwaukee's trying hard, but they need to put up a run.  They're down by 10 with 10:13 left, and Washington's down by nine with 7:10 to go.

9:15:  The nails are being placed in the coffins of both Milwaukee and Washington.  Milwaukee simply can't match the offensive firepower of Illinois, and Washington's struggling on the offensive end and really hasn't done anything since that run early in the first half. 

Hold I speak, Milwaukee cuts it to single digits.  Maybe it isn't over.  Down 61-70 with just over 4:00 left.  Washington is about done, tho, as they are down by 13 with only 3 minutes left.

9:30:  Both games are over.  Illinois and Louisville are the first two teams into the Elite Eight with solid wins.  Louisville won 93-79, and Illinois won 77-63.  Neither team had any trouble from halftime on.

I had to laugh, because Washington talked all this smack about wanting to challenge the ACC.  They're better off working that pole at the Blue Oyster (I swear, once I find that picture, I'll show yall what I'm talkin about).

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