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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Ted Rall's bigoted cartoon.

This is simply par for the course.

Have you heard of Ted Rall?  Well, this is the same jerk who stated that "Ronald Reagan is turning crispy brown right now" and also derided late NFL-player-turned-fallen-soldier Pat Tillman as ignorant.

Well he's on the warpath again, and this time he shows he's nothing but a lowlife piece of scum.

In this cartoon he jumps on the Bush Administration - again -, talking about what should be done once they have "given us back our soverignty".

Well, he had an interesting punishment for Condoleeza Rice.  He has Rice in an "inner-city racial reeducation camp" being forced to say "I was Bush's beard!  His house nigga!  His -".

Yeah.  A white leftist cartoonist...depicting the black U.S. National Security Advisor in a reeducation camp admitting to be a "house nigga'.

Oh, it gets better.  After she states this, a black man tells her she has to give up her "hair straightener", and is wearing a t-shirt saying "You're not white, stupid".

You're just going to have to excuse my language, but what a fucking prick.

This isn't the first concept of bigotry white leftists have displayed towards minority conservatives.  In fact, Greg Palast was featured on Dennis Miller's CNBC show just after the Abu Gharib story broke out, and he stated there will be more outrage once the pictures showing George Bush with a leash around Colin Powell's neck comes out.  Digusting.

You see, it's okay for minority conservatives, particularly black ones, to be the brunt of racist jokes and bigotry.  They aren't really "black" anyway, and no "real" black public figures will say anything about it.  And during this whole Bush term, it's been getting worse and worse, especially in the last year or so in regards to Iraq.

And this is because not only has minority leftists allowed these statements to slide, but they encourage them and participate in these characterizations themselves.  Clarence Thomas has been called everything but a son of God.  Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, John McWhorter, etc. are derided the same way, and all of them by other black people.  So white leftists say the same things, thinking they can get away with that tripe.

And they will.  According to Michelle Malkin, Rall is featured on over 140 papers with Universal Syndicate, including the Washington Post,   Oh sure; they probably won't publish this comic today.  But you won't see Ted Rall get what other comic strip writers would get if they did this to a black leftist public figure:  Fired and losing their syndicate.

We'll see if anyone in the media bites on this story other than Drudge.  But I wouldn't count on it.

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honore daumier
February 7, 2006   06:08 AM PST
Those of us who Germany has taken away passports to attend a Teheran research session of the law edicted by Reinhard Heidrich at the Wannsee conference know
of what they speak if they never use or mention Hebrew forged terms(two examples:[ 1.] the the Walther & Herbert Bush clan attending a church or chappel always at the eve of a decapitation strike or else a bridge bombardement in Baghdad; [2.]Catholic Cross in the air Imitations: a smile to all those of us who don't hail the Hebrew language of a Pope & Priest decoy as the shadow CINC Kerry did on all tv screens during the burrial("pompes funebres") of Roni Reagan in Washington and Arlington.
I welcome instead the "international festival of cartoons" of "Farid Mortazavi, graphics editor of Hamshahiri"(compare please: Anthony Browne, The Times, February 07 2006 ,"Cartoons""World leaders rally round as crisis deepens") which will in a nice try _d_r_a_w_ us the proof that the Western World [_ _--- actually ---_ _] _i_s__or__i_s__n_o_t_ so free as they pretend. Till today the Western world reacted with interdictions to the Reasons and Causes about the Wannsee Conference Decisions even when it is in form of a funny _Not-Hebrew_ cartoons festival in Teheran(Iran).


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