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Monday, June 13, 2005
White smoke seen from California courtroom

that must mean the jury has reached a verdict in the Michael Jackson case.

Yup...they're suppose to announce the decision at about 20 minutes.

I'll be right here to comment.  I think it'll be a partial conviction with no jailtime.  I'm liveblogging the verdict.

UPDATE:  Yall can't tell me Mike ain't black....he's supposed to be there by 4:30, he's just rolling in at 4:50.  How are you going to be late for your own verdict?

UPDATE 4:59:  Mike finally gets into the courthouse.  Tito is the only one in the family that looks like he did 30 years ago.  That's a crying shame.


Then again, I figured that.  I knew he wasn't going to be found guilty of the molestation charges, which really amounted to nothing but Jackson's word against the teenager.  But I thought they might get him on the intoxication charges.

I felt the prosecution knew they didn't have a case, yet went for it anyway.  Sneddon will have a problem trying to convince the county to allow him to keep his job after this embarrassment.  But I also said that about Paul Howard after the Ray Lewis trial.  Let's hope California is more competent than Atlanta.

UPDATE:  Can anyone explain why Drudge has a picture of Sneedon and the caption under it says "Arrest This Man!"?  Drudge is a little over the top with that one.

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