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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
The wrong guys won last night.

I kind of had hopes for the primaries last night, but they were quite disappointing.

Let's start in Georgia first.  "Jihad" Cynthia McKinney won her primary last night, getting 51% of the vote.  And now it looks as if she will go on to return to Washington, as Georgia's 4th Congressional District, a district that I used to live in and was embarrassed to have her as a representative, is heavily socialist and full of Bush-haters.  I wish her Republican opponent, Catherine Davis, well, but she has about as much of a chance to win as a mouse has to survive in a box full of pythons.

Herman Cain also lost in his bid for the U.S. Senate.  This is a crying shame too, because I've heard alot of good things about him and there were a number of conservatives, black and white, that were excited about his candidacy.  Johnny Isakson won the primary outright yesterday and will more than likely win Zell Miller's seat.  Far as I know, Isakson's a decent guy, but it's definitely disappointing when a black conservative with the credentials of Cain falls short.

In North Carolina, it wasn't much better.  For the Republican Gubernatorial primary, there will be a runoff between Richard Vinroot and Patrick Ballentine.  I was hoping Fern Shubert would have pulled an upset, but she got 5th place.  She was probably the most qualified for the nomination, and never pulled any punches in regards to laxing driver's license standards to allow illegal aliens to vote.  She also is a CPA, and had extensive knowledge about problems and waste within the state budget.  I'll support Ballentine, since he is a fresh face that the Republican Party desperately needs.  Richard Vinroot lost to Governor Mike Easley in 2000, and made false statements in regard to fellow primary candidate Bill Cobey's record on tax hikes.  Not only do I think Ballentine should win, but people have started to rally around him last night.

In the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor, Thomas Stith, another black conservative that was a member of the Durham City Council, lost outright as well.  It was a good try.  Besides, I doubt if he would have defeated Beverly Perdue, who is very popular and is obviously being groomed to be our next governor in 2008.

But one black conservative that was somewhat successful, but I wish wasn't, was Vernon Robinson.  He will face Virginia Foxx in a runoff for Republican Senate Candidate Richard Burr's congressional seat. 

I'm hoping Foxx wins.  This guy will hinder, not help the conservative cause within the black community.  If he ever makes it to Congress he will become an instant target for those who wish to disparage black conservatives.  He would be the leftist's response to anything Cyntha McKinney has said or done.  And it's already started, as NPR/Tavis Smiley has done a segment on him.

I checked out his radio and TV ads from his website, and they are absolutely HIDEOUS.  He's got to be the worst gay bashing politican I've ever seen, and his disparaging remarks on his Cosby ad and his statements about illegal aliens is sickening.  I cannot support someone that crass and bigoted.

Hopefully this 2004 election will get better for people in North Carolina.  But I doubt it.      

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