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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Casual Notes:

- Lashawn Barber has a new home.  Something told me not to go to Blogspot; mainly because I just wanted to be different.  I just found Blogdrive by doing some searches on the net and decided I'll just try it.  Besides, Blogdrive has never been a problem for me, I LOVE this template, and for the most part it's been pretty easy to use.

- Am I crazy simply because I fell in love with this picture?  I've always loved watching storms come off the horizon, particularly off the coast.  They are so dark and the breeze that accompanies them feels so good.  I guess it's because I lived just off the Pamlico Sound in Hyde County, North Carolina when I was a child, where it was normal for a thunderstorm to roll in during the late afternoon every summer day, and hurricanes would always be something to talk - or worry - about.

Oh well.  Maybe you guys wouldn't understand.

- Here are some "separated from birth" reunions:

Linda Ronstadt and Ms. Swan from Mad TV


Mel Watt and Michael "Flash" Turner from The Five Heartbeats (sorry guys, I couldn't find an exact pic from the movie, but I did get a pic of him from "She's Gotta Have it".  Bottom left.)

- People are so full of hate.  If Kanye West was yelling about fucking hoes and shooting niggas he would be heralded as a "poet", but because he makes a hot track called "Jesus Walks", the Christian haters have to come out of the earth. 

It reminded me of the hate shown by these people when Passion of the Christ came out.  I'm not a religious person by any means, but that doesn't mean I hate it.  Considering that I was raised to go to church when I was a kid (in fact, both parents still bug me about finding one here from time to time), to deny my Christian heritage would be to deny who I am and where I came from. 

And umm....I kinda sorta like ME right now, so let's not go there. :-D

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