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Monday, November 14, 2005
R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero


Former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero was found dead Sunday morning in his hotel room. 

According to Dave Meltzer, his nephew Chavo Guerrero called up to his room to see if he was up yet, and when he didn't get an answer, he got security to open the door.  Guerrero was unconscious in the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth.  It is believed that he suffered a heart attack while brushing his teeth, however, they have not disclosed his autopsy yet.

There have been several times I have questioned why I am a wrestling fan, but watching a Guerrero match will always refresh your memory.  Eddie came through with a handful of guys (Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera) that revolutionized the sport in so many ways.  When they came on the scene in WCW, we were watching a new era for wrestling.

When Guerrero became WWE Champion, he was the smallest man to ever hold that title.  He wrestled around 220 llbs, and is less than six feet tall.  However, his athleticism and charisma was second to none.  Nobody questioned whether he should be champion, and he would move on to main event Wrestlemania 20 and defeat Olympic wrestling gold medalist Kurt Angle in a great match.  They closed the show with Guerrero and newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit together in the ring.

As Guerrero noted after winning the WWE title, he had his demons.  He had been a heavy drinker and druggie for a long time, climaxing into a near-fatal car crash, being fired from WWE, and a divorce with his wife, Vicki.   Malenko, Benoit, and others talked to Jim Ross about placing Eddie in rehab, and they did.  Eddie cleaned up his act, left the booze and drugs alone, and was living a clean life.  On Meltzer's show last night, he noted that Guerrero had just passed his 4-year sobriety anniversary a few days ago.  He had also bought a house for his family, in which he got back with his wife, Vicki.  Eddie was one of the few who was very open about his problems, which was featured on a UPN special last year and also put on a special DVD.

This is a sad time for wrestling fans, as we lost a giant inside and outside of the ring.

UPDATE:  Kevin Aylward has a great writeup at Wizbang.

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jonathan argueta
February 18, 2010   11:27 PM PST
i miss eddie becuase he was a great man and was born to wrestle,the first time i heard i was abou to cry. R.I.P EDDIE WE ALL MISS U EDDIE the memorey of Eddie Guerrero
December 8, 2009   03:59 PM PST
Eddie guerro was my favorite wresler and when i first found out i didnt believe it eddied is know for lieing but when it was on and on the show i new it was true and i cried its sad to here some one died that u liked or admired or somethin but till this day i havnt forgotten about him he was a GREAT WRESTLER and no one can take that away from him..................!
October 23, 2006   03:11 AM PDT
i was relly sad when i found out that edy died...he was the best..the camp...well edy this is a messege from youre bigest in peace edy...
ALEX 2006
October 1, 2006   12:01 AM PDT
EDDIE gurero was the greatest wresteler in history

rest in peace r.i.p
Sam Proudfoot
July 6, 2006   08:23 PM PDT
u no wat i belive he could have been choked or murded by someone i just wanna know y he died how he died. Eddie, Undertaker, Cena and rey r and was my fav wrestlers and knowing eddie died last year just after wrestlermania 21 pretty much makes me sick. Eddie made watching Wrestling made me think he was a legend and with out him who is there love in the ring JBL dont make me laugh like below JBL sux he should have gone not Eddie
RIP Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005 We will all miss you.
May 22, 2006   10:36 PM PDT
It took me a while to find a place to tell how I felt about this. I found out
abou Eddie dying while I was at school. I couldn't believe it, literally. I refused to believe him but I got home and waited for Raw to come on. When it came on I saw all wrestlers, Raw and Smackdown, lined up and the crowd was yelling Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Then I saw a sign that read Eddie Guererro (1967-2005). I almost cried. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Eddie will always be missed and my prayers go out to him and his family.My prayers also go out to Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Chavo Guererro Sr. and jr.
R.I.P. Eddie Guererro
May 6, 2006   09:37 AM PDT
HOW DID Eddie die in a hotal room
May 6, 2006   09:34 AM PDT
hi i just wanted to say how did Eddie die
Juan Carlos Ramirez
April 26, 2006   08:32 PM PDT
thank you eddie g
April 19, 2006   05:53 PM PDT
I miss u
kevin E.
March 4, 2006   04:44 PM PST
Eddie guerrero was a great man he loved wwe and his family and his fans. eddie will be missed a lot we will never forget about eddie. he stole the show evrytime. he lied cheated and stealed. eddie died on november 13 2005 which was my birthday so he died on my birthday.eddie was my favorite wrestlers i was crying on my birthday when i found out. eddie we love you my prayers go out to his family r.i.p. eddie guerrero 1967-2005. (thank you eddie)
February 7, 2006   01:21 AM PST
Thank U for every thing Eddie.
God Bless you and rest my friend.
December 20, 2005   04:14 PM PST
Thank You Eddie.
For Entertaining Us.
For Thrilling Us.
For Making Us Laugh
For Making Us Cry.
For Making Us Jump.
For Making Us Cheer.
For Making Us Boo.
For Making Us Smile.
For Making Us Mad.
For Making Us Happy.
For Making Us Love It.
For Making Us Love You.
For Making Us Dream.
For Making Us Hope.
For Making Us Believe.
Thank You Eddie.
Thank You For Being You.

R.I.P -=EG=-
November 25, 2005   10:09 PM PST
I want to say that well I didn't really know Eddie because I just barley started watching WWE Raw and I became one of Eddie's biggest fans. Since I knew Eddie had died I was feeling really hurt in my inside because I had promised my mom that when I grew up I was going to go to one of Eddie's fights and was going to be cheering for him as loud as I could yell, because Eddie had all the respects that any wreslter could have. Where ever Eddie is I hope he is resting in peace, Eddie received lots of respects of any fan he had and I am one of them and I also respect him a lot.


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