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Sunday, November 20, 2005
Michelle & Jesse sitting in a tree, W-R-I-T-I-N-G

Michelle Malkin was indeed asked whether her husband does any writing in her place at times.  How do I know?  Because I was listening to the interview, on the Brad and Britt Show, on Friday morning while in the car.

I wouldn't call Brad Krantz a "liberal".  First, I'd rather call them "leftists" because the word "liberal" implies they believe in liberty, and they are an offshoot ideologically with the men and women who participated in the American Revolution, which they are neither of these.  Second, Brad is more center that outright left.  But he has his times where he sounds really off kilter, and the Malkin interview was one of those times.  Half of the time he sounded really dumb, and Malkin shot most of his questions out of the water.

I'm surprised she singled that question out tonight, as she tends to ignore most of the personal attacks that come her way, other than to mention them as an example of the vitrol that her critics hurl at her.  I've seen those rumors, but have never paid any attention to them.  However, she did admit that her husband does help her as a research assistant for her books and has helped her with a "handful" of blog posts, among other things.

That's not good.  I'm not saying she should have kept her mouth shut about it, but she should have been more open about this before she was actually questioned about it.  I'm not sure if she mentioned this in any of her books, but did she state her husband helped her with research in the acknowledgements section?  If not, she should have.  I, for one, know that Thomas Sowell does this in every book, as he has a long-time assistant that gets acknowleged on almost every book he's done as of late.  And if her husband even wrote one blog post, it should have been attributed to him personally...not to her. 

By not doing this, she's opened herself up to criticism, regardless of if he was "converted" to conservatism by her or not.  She's right; it's not a right-wing conspiracy, as his political leanings of the past or present are irrelevant.  Her readers - whether it's her columns, books, or blog posts - expect her writings to come from her and her only, unless otherwise noted.  It's just as if her guest bloggers had blogged under her name.  If it's not her work, it shouldn't go under her name.  It's not hard for her to add another pen name; after all, she did it for her guest bloggers this week.

Penning it on marriage has nothing to do with it either.  Is her book authored by Michelle & Jesse Malkin?  No; it says Michelle Malkin.  Did Michelle receive a degree on the basis of that dissertation?  No; Jesse did.  Creators' Syndicate doesn't pay Jesse to write her articles, nor do trade papers expect Michelle to write his op-eds.  I'm not accusing them of doing this, or at least not entirely writing whole pieces of each others' work; I'm simply showing that people are expecting either one or the other, not a tag-team.

Does that take away from Malkin's work?  Only if you subscribe to the idea that she's only getting these ideas from her old man, which is demeaning and offensive (which is what most leftists intend to do anyway. *shrugs*).  But facts are facts, and at the most, this new revelation only means that you were proved wrong by both rather than just one.

I'm sure Brad will talk about this Monday Morning.

Posted at 03:44 am by Expertise

November 21, 2005   05:52 PM PST
Actually, the name on the cover and the name on the copyright notice are different. Very Nicci French.
Pinko Punko
November 21, 2005   04:54 AM PST
I wouldn't say M. ignores the vitriol spewed upon her, I say she routinely uses it to her advantage. In this case, she chose to muddy the waters on the question by suggesting that even asking it was racist. If she were a white male, and had an Asian spouse, the question would not be termed racist, which therefore must allow the possibility that it could actually not be racist, even though in this situation there is a particular stereotype that can be in play, but not necessarily so. Declaring the racism of the question to necessarily be true is racist and misogynistic in itself. That being said, her answer of the question suggests the possibility that it could be valid. In addition, Ms. Malkin has been mendacious in the past about numerous issues, perhaps she is not to be trusted here as well. Those are my honest two cents.
November 20, 2005   06:14 PM PST
Nothing I said could be construed as accusing them of fraud, nor could it be a defense of leftists on the internet.

I simply said if she didn't write it, she shouldn't have put her name on it. Plain and simple. And authors generally do acknowledge research assistants that help them with their writings, i.e. Sowell.
Brad Bass
November 20, 2005   05:07 PM PST
That's pretty lame, stretching editing eachother's work into fraud. Very few authors acknowledge all the editors and research assistants that work for them. Your defense of the the hateful moonbats that try to push this nonsense demans you.
Dave Lucas
November 20, 2005   09:21 AM PST
It's always easier to throw garbage at someone than to TRY to look at things from that individual's vantage point...


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