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Friday, July 23, 2004
Universal Press releases statement on Rall cartoon.

I'm going to test myself.  I'm going to try to get through this post without cursing.

Wish me luck.

Well there's been some follow-up on the infamous Ted Rall cartoonMichael King has been a guest on a number of black talk radio stations taking heat for this, particularly on black talk radio stations by a number of dimwits (I didn't cuss, yall.) that would rather excoriate him for being a black conservative rather than criticize that slime Rall.

Well it got the attention of Richard "Dick" (Hey....he got it in his URL, so it's fair game, shawdy.  That doesn't count either.) Prince, who contacted UPS for a response to a press release by Project 21, a black conservative group that King is a prominent member of, to stop syndicating Rall's cartoons.

Here's their response:

In response to a query from Journal-isms, Lee Salem, editor and vice president, Universal Press Syndicate, issued this statement:

"When we distribute opinionists -- writers or cartoonists -- to op/ed pages, it is with the knowledge that editors of those pages edit by selection. Most newspapers print only a few releases of any one cartoonist’s or writer’s work because of space constraints, subject matter, viewpoint expressed, or other editorial considerations. We know that every client will not like every cartoon or column we distribute, but we do not prejudge the editorial diversity for subscribers that range from strongly conservative to strongly liberal. We assume the editors who buy the features we distribute know what works in their market and what [doesn't].

"The criticism of Ted Rall's depiction of Ms. Rice obscures the fact that it is part of a larger, hyperbolic context. In the cartoon, Rall is clearly imagining unlikely scenarios that might befall a number of key people in President Bush's administration. That he exaggerates both the language and the events is a time-honored tool of satirists. Anyone who takes it literally is missing the point."
Does Lee Salem think we're fools?  Does he honestly think that if it was the NAACP or any other leftist organizations like La Raza or some civil rights pimp he would use this line on them?  NO.  He'd be on his knees begging them not to boycott or target Universal Press.

What makes it worse is that he tries to EXPLAIN this bigotry....using the piss-poor (again, not cursing) excuse of satire.  I want him to explain to me when on what day did using racial slurs in satire OR IN ANY OTHER FORM OF CORRESPONDENCE became acceptable???!?!?!?!? 
To HELL with Ted Rall's and your point!!!!!

Every conservative should be insulted by the treatment by Salem to Project 21 and black conservatives all over the country.  For him to actually respond with this garbage is absolutely disgusting and serves as a perfect example of the lack of respect for black conservatives around the country.  And I feel sorry for Universal Press Syndicate if this lowlife is their vice president.

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