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Thursday, July 29, 2004
Major Kerry campaign fundraiser linked to mob.

Man, the hits keep on coming with these boys.

As Edwards was speaking at the DNC Convention tonight, and they were making John Kerry their official nominee soon afterwards, ABCNews broke a story exposing another fundraising problem for the Kerry campaign, making it the second campaign finance problem in less than a week and the third in a month.

First, a Kerry fundraiser collects money from the son of a disgraced South Korean president who was recently charged for failure to pay inheritance taxes.  I posted about that here.  Earlier this week, Edwards gave back over $44,000 in campaign contributions raised by a lawyer who's now being investigated by federal authorities over his fundraising tactics.

Now, Kerry's biggest fundraiser is connected to the mob.

Guys, you can't MAKE stuff like this up.

Stephen Bing, who's supposedly a successful film producer, and made headlines when he told the tabloids that he might not be the father of Elizabeth Hurley's baby, has raised over $16 million dollars for the Kerry campaign.

Well he has a friend and business partner named Dominic Montemarano aka Donnie Shacks.  Here's how Shacks was described:

"Donnie Shacks' main activity was murder. No question about it. That was his main function for the Colombo family and for organized crime in general. He was one of the top hit men in the New York area," said Joe Coffey, a former NYPD investigator.

That's nothing to play with.

Now Shacks's lawyer states he is an employee.  Some employee.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Bing paid Shacks's legal fees after his latest legal battle.  I'm sure you and I know plenty of bosses that pay for their employees' lawyers, especially when it is tied up in the mob.

Of course, ABC had to remind everyone that Republicans have had campaign finance problems, too:

Throwback to Nixon Days?

Campaign reform advocates say the role of secretive big money is all a throwback to the days of Richard Nixon and the scandal that grew out of the 1972 Republican Convention.

The telephone company that helped pay the costs of that convention, ITT, later got favorable consideration on an antitrust issue, when it became the world's largest conglomerate.

Yeah.  Bring up a campaign finance scandal from 32 years ago, as if that's the latest one you could bring up. 

As if you couldn't remember the FEC fining the Democratic Party over $700,000 for various campaign finance scandals stemming from Election 96, which is one of the reasons why people were yelling for campaign finance reform.  Here is also a great CNN report detailing the many Clinton-Gore campaign finance scandals investigated by the Justice Department and by Congress.

It's comforting to know that the Democrats haven't learned a thing from those scandals, huh?  Is this the party you want in the White House?

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