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Friday, July 30, 2004
DNC Roundup.

I decided last night that three posts in a day were enough, especially since I wrote in detail about them.  Hey, I knew you guys didn't want me to keep rambling on about the convention.

Hence, I decided to simply wait until after the convention and comment on a few things today:

- First of all, Kerry was not great.  I would say bombed, but he wasn't that bad.  But it was definitely the worst speech since at least Mondale.  Even Dukakis was pretty decent behind the mic.

Kerry started off shaky, then did a decent job in the middle with the visionary stuff and the rhetoric.  But then he killed off his crowd with the stump speech part of it.  He was rushing through it, trying to talk through the cheers.  That's because his speech was so long that if he did pause appropriately, it would have been well over an hour instead of 50 minutes or so.

Contrast that to Bush's 2000 speech.  His speechwriters were smart.  They anticipated both Bush's public speaking weaknesses and the long cheers of the crowd.  They made sure Bush didn't talk uninterrupted for more than a minute or two.  Therefore, they created a speech to fit him perfectly, and everyone agreed that it was good.   

His speech ranks below Clinton's (who he should have took notes from for his speech Monday), Edwards (who's speech didn't differ much from Kerry's, other than time), Sharpton's, and Obama's.  He was outshined by the ones that were supposed to help him.  People that actually watched the convention from Monday-Thursday can not be pleased at all.

- They have to do a better job with their speaker schedules.  They have guys who get the crowd rocking, then the next on deck is boring and ends up killing the crowd.

- Notice that after all that hoopla, not a word was spoken about Kerry's 20 years in the Senate outside of him working with McCain on negotiating the release of hostages from Southeast Asia. 

- Doesn't Jesse seem depressed?  He seems like his speaking skills went down a few notches as of late.  I guess he can't be too happy by watching time pass him by.

- Absolutely hilarious:  CNN slipped up and recorded the DNC Convention Director having a hissy fit over Kerry's post-speech celebration.  He was heard cursing at the guys controlling the balloons and confetti over head to bring them down.

Doesn't it seem as if there are alot of slip-ups, cursing, and visible frustration during this campaign?  In 2000 the only blooper I can think of is when Bush called some journalist an asshole after a rally when he thought a mic was turned off.  We've had about three or four of these incidents this year, if you include the primaries.

- Overall, the DNC Convention was a bust.  They did establish some new stars, and had some great moments, particularly for talk radio and television (O'Reilly vs. Moore, Hannity vs. Garafolo, Hannity vs. Franken), but ratings have dropped from 4 years ago despite Democrats insisting they had galvanized their base, Kerry's speech has been deemed from okay to bad by the media, and people still didn't know anymore about Kerry than they did last week.  I think the proverbial convention bounce will pass Kerry by.  We'll know for sure by Monday.

Meanwhile, I think because of the dismal effort put forth by the Democrats, this election just became Bush's to win.  Bush is a better speaker now than he was in 2000.  Bush is in a better position than he was in 2000.  Kerry left himself open, and Bush exposed some of them today.  Because it's in the last week of August, children will be back in school, which means more people will be watching.  And although I don't like the fact that Bush is trying to hold back on conservatives speaking at the convention, the fact remains that he has an all-star cast.

Bush's only problem?  Protesters.  They are going to try to make New York a living hell.  Don't be surprised to hear about terrorist threats, and anarchy during the convention.

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