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Saturday, August 07, 2004
S.F. man creates beheading hoax.

There are some people that are really pissed off this morning over this.

I got up this morning at 4 to go to work, and I hear about another beheading.  I didn't know it was an American, however.  I found out after I got to work.  I just rationalized that they knew the Coalition wasn't going to give them what they wanted anyway, so they just went on and killed him and just spared all the negotiating bullshit.

Well a few hours later after I'm done doing today's news (I do bottom-of-the-hour news briefs for a radio station on the weekends) I find out from Fox News that this was all a hoax.  The guy, Benjamin Vanderford, was in San Francisco the whole time, and had faked the murder.

How he do it?  Watch it and see.

He redid the Daniel Pearl script:  Have the victim (Vanderford) denounce the U.S. and any interventionist activities in the Middle East.  The victim calls for the U.S. to leave the Middle East and stop supporting Israel, and all in between these scenes they have pictures of Arabs that have been injured and mangled.  And in the last scene he is laying on the ground while someone cuts his head off.

So how did he fake it?  Well you never see the head completely separated.  Nor do you see anyone else in the room.  He uses fake blood and I suppose a fake knife as well.

A number of you will see this incident and state it's a crying assed shame that someone would have the audacity to fake a beheading in the wake of a number of them committed by terrorists in Saudia Arabia and Iraq.  And hey, you're right.

But I'm not mad.  You see, that's what these attention-seeking fools - whether it's Vanderford or Al-Zarqawi and his cowards - want you to do.  This Vanderford fool actually made this tape in order to gain attention for a city political race for - get this - city supervisor in San Francisco.  Wouldn't that be some absolute shit if it actually had worked, and/or he would have been elected anyway?  San Francisco would have been absolutely embarrassed.  In fact, I would like to see how many votes he got in that race.

So yeah; as far as attention-seeking goes, Vanderford is cut from the same cloth.  Although I'm saying this in vain, don't get all bent out of shape about this mess.  Let jackasses be jackasses, and enjoy your Saturday.  If it's anything like it is in NC (a cool mid-70's day with clear skies), then it should be a nice one.

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