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Saturday, August 07, 2004
The Globe responds to Kranish controversy.

The Boston Globe has published an article standing by their assertions made by their controversial journalist, Michael Kranish:

The Globe quoted Elliott, who was Kerry's commanding officer during the war, as saying he was under "time pressure" when he signed the document and still believes Kerry deserved the Silver Star for his service. The affidavit was released ahead of the publication of a new book that questions whether Kerry should have been given some of his combat medals.

Elliott released another affidavit yesterday backing away from his comments this week to the Globe, saying the reporter, Michael Kranish, misquoted him.

Globe Editor Martin Baron released a statement saying "the Globe stands by the article. The quotes attributed to Mr. Elliott were on the record and absolutely accurate."

Well this is a cut-and-dry case then:  release the interview.  I'm sure Kranish still has proof that Elliot accurately made these statements, correct?  So, release the tape to the public and allow them to make their own decision of what happened and what was said by BOTH Kranish and Elliot.

But here's where it gets ugly, though:
At the same time, Drudge also erroneously reported that Kranish, a 20-year Globe veteran, had written the introduction to a Kerry-authorized campaign book, "Our Plan for America: Stronger at Home, Respected in the World."

In fact, Baron said, Kranish had no connection to the Kerry campaign book and did not write its introduction.

Baron noted that earlier this summer Kranish worked with PublicAffairs -- the publisher of the Boston Globe biography of Kerry, "John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography by the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best" -- to write a short introduction to a second project: an independent, unauthorized review of publicly available documents dealing with the platform and policy statements of Kerry and Edwards. That project was in no way connected with the Kerry-Edwards campaign, Baron said.

"When PublicAffairs subsequently struck an agreement with the Kerry campaign to do an official campaign book, Kranish's relationship with the project immediately ended," Baron said.
Now here's where the Boston Globe loses credibility.  Why bring Matt Drudge into this when all Drudge did was link to the Amazon site, which had Kranish writing the introduction?  The Answer:  because when the mainstream press wants to make something look like rumormongering, always mention Matt Drudge.

And what makes it worse, not only did Amazon have Kranish as writing the introduction to the book but so did PublicAffairs.  But THAT wasn't mentioned by the Boston Globe.  If they would have informed their own readers that the publishing company that's releasing the Kerry/Edwards book had Kranish doing the introduction for the new book as well, that would have made it look more than simple rumormongering. 

This goes to show that you can't cover up things on the internet.  There is that little thing search engines have called "cache".

And PublicAffairs can not even man-up to their mistake:

Peter Osnos, publisher of PublicAffairs, said both Drudge and Amazon, the online bookseller peddling the upcoming Kerry-Edwards book, had made a mistake in suggesting Kranish had written its introduction.

"As far as I can tell, if there's any malign intent here, it was someone making Drudge think Michael was somehow doing something for [Kerry's] campaign," Osnos said.
This shows a lack of integrity on the part of Osnos and PublicAffairs.  These people can't even admit that it was Drudge and possibly Amazon that went off the information given to them.  Instead, they blame them for the supposed "mishap".

This serves as a stark reminder as to why the blogosphere is needed.  If it was just the four networks and the daily newspapers as it was only 10 years ago the Globe would get away with this.  They are starting to get caught up in their own lies and deceptive actions.

The Boston Globe AND PublicAffairs Publishing should apologize to Matt Drudge and  It's as simple as that.  Both were deceptive in their protrayal of how this incident occurred.

But they won't, of course, because Drudge is "beneath them".  But Amazon does have credibility, and they can rebuke both the Globe and PublicAffairs.  Whether they really want to get into the fray is a topic unto itself.

Moving right on along.  Now, the Globe states that Kranish did not have "a connection to the Kerry-Edwards" campaign.  But that's up to the readers' interpretations of "connection".  You see, I consider a man that has written for two books (it was two, one of them simply wasn't published.)focusing on John Kerry during his presidential run while he is supposed to be covering him in an official capacity as a journalist as a conflict of interest. 

It's also peculiar that the same Boston Globe reporter that is covering John Kerry on the campaign trail would also be assigned (or took it upon himself, whatever the circumstances are) to this interview with George Elliot.  Not to say that Kranish could immediately be seen as biased (or at least I'd give him the benefit of the doubt), but you couldn't put another reporter on this while Kranish was, say, on the trail

But maybe I'm just looking into this a little THREE much.  You decide.

Posted at 10:01 pm by Expertise

August 7, 2004   11:56 PM PDT
One wonders why all the lies and cover-up. Are they really only trying to "protect" the Globe's and perhaps Kranish's "integrity"?

What a drama.


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