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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
My thoughts about John Edwards.

Aiight, I'm off of my short blog vacation, so let's get back to work:

Well,  it looks as if Lurch decided on John Edwards (audio), the ambulance chaser from Raleigh (actually he now resides in D.C.)  turned one-term U.S. Senator. 

You got to give it to Kerry; he milked this VP hype for all it was worth, and it might give him a slight lead in the polls.  But let's be realistic about the reasons why John Kerry picked Edwards to be his running mate:

- Edwards is young.

- Edwards is good-looking (supposedly).

- Democrats wanted Edwards...because he is young and good-looking.

Now pay attention to that last point.  Kerry didn't want Edwards.  Hell; Kerry was trying to expose Edwards' youth and inexperience, and was annoyed that Edwards stayed alive in the primaries as long as he did.  Now, I'm sure some of those feelings have cooled, but I guarantee you if Kerry had a chance to get Hillary, McCain, or possibly Richardson, he would have (and as for Richardson, he probably didn't try hard enough).

The only thing in Edwards's political cap is the fact that he won the Senate in 1998.  That's it, that's all.  In the 5 years he's been in Washington, he has not passed any kind of legislation he has sponsored.  He's spent more time running for president than he has representing the people of North Carolina.  He KNEW he had no choice once it was time for him to file for reelection for the Senate, because he would have had an uphill battle to be reelected.  His favorable ratings were at the lowest since he took office, and polls showed as late as January that if the election were held, Bush would defeat him in North Carolina by double digits.

Now the two pluses he'll be able to bring to Lurch's campaign? 

1.  Edwards will make Kerry look more energetic and less boring. 

2.  Edwards vs. Cheney will be one helluva debate.  That nice, sitdown Cheney and Lieberman had in 2000?  Throw that out the window.  Expect Gore vs. Quayle from 92.

Speaking of Quayle, this will be a good time to check out Brent Bozell and The Media Research Center to see how the mainstream media portrays Edwards.  Dan Quayle was depicted as young and dumb by the media and the armchair quarterbacks.  Edwards is younger than Quayle and has less experience than Quayle did. 

Will they depict Edwards the same way? 

Yeah right.  Good luck with that one.

But don't worry.  Bush and Cheney were ready for this, and within an hour they had posted on their website a comprehensive critique on John Edwards.  I dont necessarily like playing the experience factor, although that should be a point in a selection of a running mate from the two parties, but all in all it is a very good piece.  In fact, Bush will be in Raleigh today, to meet with judicial nominees for the 4th Federal Circuit, and then to attend a fundraiser.  Hey, want some dinner?  It'll cost you $25,000.  So today should be a good day for soundbites from Bush in response to Lurch picking Edwards.

So, keep your ears open today.  It should be interesting.

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Friday, July 02, 2004
Cosby's cutting up again.

Okay...what's the deal with Cosby?

I really don't know what to think about this.  This is the second time in, say, about a month that Cosby has used public venues to display anger towards blacks.

Is this Cosby's new gimmick?  To live his life as Hilton Lucas, his character on his CBS version of "Cosby"?  Just staying angry and grumpy all the time?  That's what it seems like.

That's not saying his rants don't have merit.  They do.  There is significant problems within the black community in regards to anti-achievement and anti-intellectualism.  But Cosby just points fingers - you, you, and you - and saying they are the reason why black people can't advance and why there are so many problems.

Sorry, but it's much more complicated than that.  As John McWhorter stated in Losing the Race, these problems aren't just isolated within a certain demographic of the black community.  It's widespread, and it encompasses rich and poor, urban and rural. 

And another thing that really irks me about these rants of Cosby is how the age factor comes into play.  According to Cosby. the civil rights leaders are the messiahs of the black community, but the young masses aren't willing to follow in their footsteps and build upon what they've created. 

Sorry, but that shit doesn't work for me.  These problems didn't just start in this generation.  It started in the same generation that Cosby claims did all of this for black people.  While the civil rights movement focused on political issues, the fact remains that self-sufficiency and aspiration went neglected, at least to the point where everything focused back on community.

Their policies and ideals snowballed into what we see today.  Rap music/hip hop didn't just start in the 90's.  Neither did gangs and high crime.  Members of the black community kept their mouths shut about these things in the 60's, and felt it was more important to confront the government rather than address these issues and confront the ones behind them locally.  Well, you should have done a little of both, and not be afraid to "air dirty laundry" just because of what white people might think.  The simple fact remains that black leaders have been more worried about style, rather than substance.  And the bad part is, people were no more fooled about what's going on in the 60's than they are in the new century. 

Cosby and others must be aware of the roots of degeneration of morals and degradation within the black community.  It didn't start during slavery.  It didn't start 10 years ago.  It started with the emphasis of political activism and the subsequent neglect of individual responsibility and values.  Only when we correctly surmise the roots of the problem can we actually start fixing it.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004
I'll believe it when I see it.

Sorry...I aint with you this time, Drudge.

Not to say it can't happen.  But I don't see that woman being second banana to anyone.  Period.  She wants all the power and prestige.  And the fact is that he's running a very weak campaign.  Any other president that received the media attack that Bush has gotten would be dead in the water.  Instead, he's running neck and neck, and a building economy and the Iraq handover is NOT good news for the Democrats.

But then again, maybe she realizes that her little run in New York is about to be over.  Whether it's against Pataki or Guiliani in 2006, it's going to be a dogfight for her to be reelected, and she can't afford to lose that race.  If she is able to put Kerry over the top, then she would get accolades for becoming the first woman vice-president.  But, if she loses, least she still has her job, and she and her lackeys can blame Kerry for being inept.

One good thing about this?  Bush and Cheney would not play games like Rick Lazio did.  Lazio let her and the NY media intimidate him after that first debate.  That won't work for Dick Cheney, especially with his "silent aggression" technique where he dismantles opponents with a soft voice.  And we possibly get to hear about those Rose Law Firm Billing Records, along with Pardongate, that Hillary slimed her way out of. 

Bush and Cheney need to realize they are at dire straits right now.  The Democrats smell blood, and they are starting to bring out the heavy weapons.  The media has been wacking down Bush's popularity ratings, and they aren't going to let go of the onslaught anytime soon.  Moore's propagandist fictional movie is out, and it made $21 million over the weekend.  More than likely that DNC convention will allow Kerry to help take a solid lead in the polls.  This is not the time to try to be the better man.  It's time to be the winning man, and the only way you're going to do that is to let the people know who Kerry and the Democrats really are.

"The Coalition of the Wild-Eyed" was cute, but you're going to have to do better.  As much as you probably still cringe at the 92 Convention, you're going to have to rely on some of that rhetoric in order to win this election.  Stop holding back and get it done.

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Sorry folks, but while ole girl shouldn't be cursed out for it, I really don't see why Fox got her to speak about Tupac.  It would be quite interesting if I saw the segment, but I doubt if Malkin is a hip hop fanatic and has extensive knowledge on the issue.  I could be wrong, of course.

But hey; I guess they couldn't find any black people at the last minute. *shrugs*

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Monday, June 28, 2004
Let's make one thing clear about Michael Moore:

Anyone who posts this:

“The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ or ‘The Enemy.’ They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow – and they will win.”

on their website, is nothing more than a terrorist cheerleader.

How a man could write this - likening these barbaric murderers to the MINUTEMEN of the American Revolution, no less - and not consider killing himself just amazes me.

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Kudos to Jose Contreras

Jose Contreras, a pitcher for the New York Yankees, pitched a top-notch game today with a career high of 10 K's as the Yankees dominated the Mets 8-1.

You think it had anything to do with him now having his family back.

Contreras's family snuck out of Cuba on a raft on Sunday night and he was able to reunite with his wife and daughters on Tuesday.  Contreras, who was a star on the Cuban National Team before he defected and made it to Nicaragua in 2002, has been without his family for a year and a half, and was told by the Cuban government that he would have to wait 5 years before he could see them again.

He signed a four-year contract with the New York Yankees upon defecting to America for $32 million.

Contreras has been quite vocal about his frustrations with both the Yankees and the Cuban Government.  According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Contreras stated that the Yankess weren't doing anything on their side to try to influence Cuba to release his family.  While he has formally established residency in Nicaragua, and was allowed to see him twice, Contreras said the Cuban government were punishing him for defection.  Cuban officials have harrassed his family, which should come as no surprise to anyone.  His wife has been arrested twice; once on suspicion of leaving that prison island and another on prostitution. 

Before his family got here, Contreras stated that he wishes he would have left 20 years ago if he realized that the Cuban government were going to treat him the way they did, and that he could never go back to Cuba.  If he even stepped into the airport, they would shoot him on sight.

The only problem that stands now is the fact that Contreras's parents are still there, supposedly living in the house his wife was able to buy once he sent money to her.  I don't know if they actually got rid of the farm they had in rural Cuba, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cuba decides they want to take the house. 

Here's an interesting tidbit I found:

"Carlos Rodriguez, Cuba's national director of baseball, said defectors are allowed back for visits "if they don't speak negatively about Fidel Castro or Cuba or join the mafia or say life is difficult here."

Baseball defectors are viewed as "traitors who abandoned their country," Rodriguez said. "The people don't pardon them."

After Contreras left, down came the posters of him that had plastered bars and restaurants in Havana and Pinar del Rio. But many baseball fans said they continue to adore the powerful 6-4, 245-pound righthander, who was the country's top pitcher until he skipped town Oct. 1 while playing for the Cuban national team in Mexico.

"He's still the best," exclaimed fan Livan Lescano, 29, an elevator operator, as he strolled the main street of Pinar del Rio - a city of crumbling, pastel-colored houses that's so rural, most taxis are bicycle- or horse-drawn buggies. "We're sorry he's gone, but if I were him I'd have done the same."
In other words, you can't have freedom of speech even AFTER you leave Cuba.  And since his parents are there and he has 8 other siblings he isn't in the clear yet.
Here's some more, from that same article:

"Despite their condemnation of Contreras, Cuban authorities have been kind to his family. They let his wife keep the blue Peugeot 400C sedan they gave her husband two years ago, around the same time they gave him a couple of bonuses - one of $2,000 and one of $5,000, Myriam Contreras thought - to supplement his monthly salary of 600 Cuban pesos, about $23."
Well isn't that nice of Castro?  Actually allowing them to keep what was theirs.  What a benevolent dictator, huh?  A very good, objective analysis by Letta Tayler (sarcasm).

Once again, well wishes to the Contreras family.  I feel sorry for all the Cubans who continue to live their lives in that destitute island prison by that lowlife piece of cigar-smoking scum and his cronies.  May Castro begin his travel into the depths of hell wearing long johns under a solar suit and an eskimo fur coat.

Here's a very good complilation of articles in regards to Jose Contreras's attempts to bring his family here to America courtesy of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004
Zell Miller will be at the GOP Convention.

It's hard to find upstanding people nowadays, much less honorable politicians.

So when politicians like Zell Miller come around, you have to appreciate who this man is and what he represents.

It's real simple; he could not let party loyalty come before the loyalty of his country and state.

I was living in Georgia when Paul Coverdell died unexpectantly in 2000.  I witnessed the disgraceful attitudes of the Democrats in Georgia.  Paul Coverdell body hadn't even grown cold yet and John Lewis, Cynthia McKinney, and many others started lobbying then-Governor Roy Barnes in order to get that Senate seat.  It got so bad that Roy Barnes had to rebuke them in public.

So what did Barnes do?  He appointed the one person who didn't want it....Zell Miller.

There were a number of Republicans who felt that a Republican should replace Coverdell, since he was a Republican.  In retrospect, I think conservatives are glad that Zell Miller is representing that state.

But he doesn't only represent Georgians.  Zell Miller is America's Senator.

Miller didn't buy his soul for a committee chair, like Jim Jeffords did.  He stayed on, and criticized his fellow party members in Washington.  He never was to be an Al Gore, who couldn't even beat George Bush in his home state because of his joyride to the left over the years.  He's probably the most popular politician in Georgia, and is definitely the most visible member of the Georgia delegation in Washington.

When I heard he's going to speak at the GOP convention, it really didn't surprise me.  Miller serves as a stark reminder that there are two Democrat parties; the Washingtonians and the Southerners.  And Democrats are upset because Miller did not conform into what they wanted him to be.

It's a shame others don't agree with me, including a former classmate of mine who just happened to work in Miller's office.  While I am pleased to see Anthony Coley rubbing noses with the Washington elite, since I know that's what he's always wanted to do, I sure hope he remembers Zell Miller's words.  Unfortunately, I know he just blew them off and will go the typical route of most African-Americans in Washington.  Maybe one day he'll see the light.

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Friday, June 25, 2004
North Korea's playing the same ole games

Let's hope Bush isn't fooled by this charade.

North Korea is back up to their ole tricks again, as they've been doing for over a decade now.  They're doing everything they can to act belligerent and confrontational, then try to portray themselves as the victim.

It's a normal trait of North Korea and other former Soviet Bloc countries; always claim a U.S. conspiracy to undermine them and eventually invade them.  Meanwhile, North Korea is turning into a weapons manufacturer, supplying every two-bit nation with weapons.  I'm sure terrorist organizations will be next, as long as they can show them the money.

So now these hoes got the U.S., Japan, China, South Korea, and Russia for these talks in Beijing.  Now they are considering testing a nuclear bomb.  As expected, none of the other parties want this, and are willing to give concessions (aka bribes) in order for North Korea to eventually end that program.

But we've seen this before.  In fact, this is the third time in the last 20 years.  North Korea has no intention to end their nuclear program.  Nor do they have any intention to stop selling weapons to other despotic countries.

So why do we continue to pander to these idiots?  Of course, no one wants these weapons to get into the wrong hands, nor do they want North Korea to continue with their aggressive stance against the U.S. and other countries.  But they are using our fear of their actions to try to manipulate us.  It's akin to a 4-year old kid that is about to throw a tantrum in a busy supermarket, attempting to embarrass you in public in order to get you to buy them some candy.
If Bush is determined to find some kind of solution to this North Korea problem, he must state that North Korea will not get a dime until they allow unfettered access with that country to investigators, and there must be a public disposal of any and all nuclear weapons development.  Only then should we allow a broad humanitarian project to help boost North Korea's economy.

But not one dime until then.  If North Korea continues its antics, we should cut off any current projects we have, and veto any United Nations aid to them as well.  In a world where international terror is the leading threat to global security and peace, we cannot allow parasites like North Korea to continue to be rewarded while destabilizing the global theatre.

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And now, an Ann Coulter moment.

From this week's column, Moby's Dick (Isn't that a lil racy, Ann?):

"If we're so obsessed with it, why do they keep bringing it up? OK, uncle. You win, Mr. President. If I buy a copy of your book, will you just shut up once and for all, go away, and never come back? It will cost me $35, but, judging strictly by weight, that isn't a bad price for so much cow manure. At 957 pages, this is the first book ever published that contains a 20-minute intermission. Readers are advised to put it down and read a passage from Clinton's 1988 Democratic National Convention speech nominating Dukakis just to stay awake. This thing is so long, he almost called it "War and Peace." Or, I suppose, more properly, "War and a Piece."

Now, I don't care whether you like Coulter or not, but you CAN'T deny that this woman is one of the best creative writers within the political realm.  Now I consider myself witty and downright brutal at times, but man...I don't think I can reach Ann's level on my BEST day.

Maybe I will, within time.

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Jack Ryan, I ain't mad atcha.

For real though....people need to get over themselves.

Now people are calling for Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, Jack Ryan, to step down due to some allegations made by his wife during a custody case, actress Jeri Ryan.  According to Jeri Ryan, while they were married Jack took her to some sex clubs and tried to get her to have sex with him in public.  The judge working on the case allowed her testimony to be unsealed, against both of their wishes, which caused this unnecessary commotion.

Now, sex clubs?  That isn't my cup of tea.  But all of these people getting their panties in a bunch need to get a life.  They were a married couple.  That is between that man and that woman.  Even if we took her testimony for face value (because there's really no way this can be proven), he asked, she said no, end of story.

And you know where all of this stems from.  The Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Instead of looking at the legal stature of the case - the perjury and obstruction of justice part - everyone wants to look at the adultery and immorality aspect. 

"Allegations of sex clubs in Paris, New Orleans and New York do not play well in Quincy, Macomb, La Salle and Peru," Dillard said. "I think their eyes roll when you talk about sex clubs."
Obama could be a facsict for all they know..but hey, at least he isn't going to some devilish sex club, right?

But on a lighter note, if I HAD to have sex with someone in public, Jeri Ryan SURE wouldn't be at the bottom of the list.  Hell; now that I think about it, if I had a wife that looked like Jeri Ryan I'd want everyone to know I was hitting this too.  I'd would be on some "Look at what "I"got" type steeze.  " what I'm sleeping with every night."

Okay.  Let me behave.

But for real.  Jack Ryan gets a pass; if not for the mere fact that his wife is hot, then for the fact that it's nobody's damned business.

Now if it was Bill and Hillary (which would never happen), or John and Teresa, that's a violation.  Hell I would feel bad for the ones watching it.  I'm sure something like that would take MONTHS of rehabilitation.

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