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Friday, July 16, 2004
Senate Intelligence findings on Saddam terrorist ties.

Of course, everyone has been focusing on the WMD intelligence part of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report that was released last Friday.  But there were more things that should have been emphasized than the WMD question.

For example, what about CIA intelligence stemming from Hussein's ties to terrorist organizations?

Well they did find that the CIA was accurate in stating that Saddam was likely to use his own goons to conduct attacks than get terrorists to do his biddings.  Okay.  No problem there, because no one asserted that Hussein was hiring terrorists to be mercenaries.  But the question is, was he aligning himself with terrorist organizations, specifically Al Qaeda?

Well let's go to the second conclusion they found:

"Conclusion 91.  The Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) had maintained ties to several secular Palestinian terrorist groups and the Mujahidin e-Khalq was supported by the intelligence.  The CIA was also reasonable in judging that Iraq appeared to have been reaching out to more effective terrorist groups, such as Hizbollah and Hamas, and might have intended to employ such surrogates in the event of war.

Very interesting stuff, considering that no one has even mentioned a possible Hussein/Hizbollah or Hamas link.  And we know Saddam was giving $25,000 to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, so it isn't a stretch of the imagination.

What else did they find?  Here's some things on Al-Qaeda.

"Conclusion 95.  The Central Intelligence Agency assessment on safehaven - that al-Qaida or associated operatives were present in Baghdad and in northeastern Iraq in an area under Kurdish control - were reasonable.

Conclusion 97.  The Central Intelligence Agency's judgement that Saddam Hussein, if sufficiently desperate, might employ terrorists within a global reach - al-Qaida - to conduct terrorist attacks in the event of war, was reasonable.  No information has emerged thus far to suggest that Saddam did try to employ al-Qaida in conducting terrorist attacks."
So al-Qaeda was using Iraq as a safehaven, as Bush said, and that if desperate enough, Saddam would turn to terrorists to do his bidding.  Although we have no proof that the terrorist attacks led by Abu Al-Zarqawi are part of Saddam's plan, U.S. officials think coordinated attacks were planned before the war due to the accuracy and precise planning.  It isn't farfetched to think Al-Zarqawi has something to do with it too.

Regardless, there is no question that Saddam Hussein was not only a financier of terrorism, but also an ally, albeit on friendly terms.  And that's only what we know to be fact.  At the very least, it kills the incredibly stupid "Hussein is a secularist, Al-Qaeda is fundamentalist, so they would never work together" bit.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Joe Wilson is exposed as a fraud

In the last few months, particularly since the CIA leak scandal, I've become a fan of Robert Novak's columns.  They are generally informative and allows readers to have an inside view, so to speak, of the current atmosphere in Washington and what is to come up in the near future.

Well today he has both guns blazing at former Ambassador Joe Wilson.  After reading the Senate Intelligence Committe Report, there is no question that he is a fraud and a perp.

Here's one of the conclusions found by the Committee:

"Conclusion 13.  The report on the former ambassador's trip to Niger, disseminated in March 2002, didn not change any analysts' assessments of the Iraq-Niger uranium deal.  For most analysts, the information in the report LENT MORE CREDIBILITY (my emphasis) to the original Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reports on the uranium deal, but State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) analysts believe that the report supported their assessment that Niger was unlikely to be willing or able to sell uranium to Iraq."
Therefore, Wilson's report did nothing.  It helped the dips at the State Department strengthen their argument, but as for the intelligence agencies, it made them believe more than ever that Saddam did try to get yellowcake.

In fact, the Senate Committee stated this:

"Conclusion 23.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Humint Service (DHS), or the Navy should have followed up with a West African businessman, mentioned in a Navy report, who indicated he was willing to provide information about an alleged uranium transaction between Niger and Iraq in November 2002."
In other words, as Tony Blair and others have implied, there was more intelligence in regards to Saddam and Niger than those forged documents.  And it also vindicates Financial Times reports over the last few weeks (I don't have a subscription, so I can't link to them) that those documents were PURPOSELY FORGED.  Not to trick intelligence agencies, but to provide as a diversion while uranium negotiations were underway.  In fact, FT on Monday reported that these documents were actually for sale.

There were people that were ready to impeach Bush over this issue, and they still are.  But now those same people are silent about these findings by the Senate Committee.

UPDATE:  I just thought about this before I closed up shop....if the Financial Times's new allegations of those forged documents actually being up for sale are true, did Joe Wilson/the CIA pay for them, and if so, for how much?  I'm sure a number of Americans would like to see how much money did Wilson take out of the CIA account (because you know he didn't use his own money, although I wish he did) to use fake documents in order to come back to the States and act as if he was the ultimate whistleblower.

Lastly, the Senate Committee rips the CIA for using Wilson in the first place:

"Problems with the Intelligence Community's HUMINT efforts were also evident in the Intelligence Community's handling of Iraq's alleged efforts to acquire uranium from Niger.  The Committeee does not fault the CIA for exploiting the access enjoyed by the spouse of a CIA employee traveling to Niger.  The Committee believes, however, that it is unfortunate, considering the significant resources available to the CIA, that this was the only option available.  Given the nature of rapidly evolving global threats such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons and weapons technology, the Intelligence Community must develop means to quickly respond to fleeting collection opportunities outside the Community's established operating areas."
In other words, the Committee said, "Why in the world did you use THIS guy?  You couldn't find anyone better than him?"

I'll discuss the Committee's findings on Iraq's terrorist ties later this evening. 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Are Marion and Tim throwing their races?

I help produce a sports talk show on Mondays for the talk radio station I work for.  While we were setting up, we were looking at an ESPN piece on Jones and Montgomery's troubles at qualifying for the Olympics.

After the BALCO scandal allegations, Jones placed fifth in the 100M at the Track and Field World Championships in Greece last week, while Montgomery placed 7th.  Neither qualified for the Olympics.  Of course, Jones has plenty of other events to run in.  She is in the long jump finals, but only has the 7th best jump in the competition and has not made an Olympic qualifying jump yet.  The finals are Thursday.  She also runs in the 200 on Friday.

The initial conclusion, if you think she's guilty, would be to assume she is coming off of the juice, as well as the inactivity due to the baby might have slowed her down.  But my host seems to think she and Montgomery might be throwing these events on purpose.  While Jones losing the 100 was a shocker, most pundits thought she would qualify for the long jump easily.  Well she hasn't.

It will be interesting to see if she does qualify for the long jump.  Right now, with all the controversy surrounding her, Montgomery, the rest of the people in the BALCO scandal and her ex-husband testifying in front of a grand jury things aren't looking too good for Jones right now.

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Athletes' wives should be seen, not heard.

Sorry guys...I know I've been neglecting sports, particularly since I restarted this blog.  But it's summer and I'm not that much of a baseball fan (I didn't even watch the Home Run Derby or watch the All-Star Game.  I've been tired the past couple of nights and have been hitting the sack early.).  But I'll try to focus a little more on sports in the next few weeks on this blog, at least to an observation post once a week.  But things won't step up for me until college and NFL preseason.

Anyways, you can call me chauvanistic, and I don't care, but I am tired of athlete's wives running their mouths to any two-bit pencil pusher or some radio joke that's trying to get his ratings out the toilet.

Here's what Shaq's wife said about Kobe:

"Before summer began, I would have said, I think he's a cool guy, kind of to himself. This Kobe that I've gotten to know, or not even gotten to know but learned to know, is a different person. I just never would have thought that he would be as selfish as he is."
And this has become commonplace.  Anytime an athlete's wife has gotten on the radio she's always trying to bash someone or make a situation worse.  And she isn't the only one.  Jackie Christie is famous for this.  Hell, she is the QUEEN of this mess.  Everytime you turn around she's got her nose into something, her husband is a virtual prisoner and can't go anywhere or do anything without her and she drives everyone else around them crazy.  That has to be the most pathetic marriage I ever heard of.  Doug needs to grow a set of testicles.

Honorable mention goes to Christina Rice, who's big mouth helped to permanently scar Glen Rice's image and led to his eventual nonexistence in the NBA despite winning a world title with the Lakers.

The simple fact is that if you aren't shooting baskets or running up and down the court dunking on people, keep your mouth shut and sit on the sidelines like the trophy you are.  You aren't doing anything but making situations worse.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
"Uncle Tom" catcalls start up again.

Queasy Mfume decided to take time to bash black conservatives today.

Awl.  Isn't it nice that he took the time to think about us for a change?

All quips aside, Mfume is no different than Michael Moore, Ted Rall, and the rest of the cesspool of leftist demagogues.  This fool has a nerve to talk about someone being a puppet.  The NAACP has been puppets for the Democratic Party for decades.  They talk about legacies of slavery, well they need to start looking back into the legacy of the Democratic Party.

Mfume killed two birds with one stone today.  The first was to warn Cosby about his attitude, which the Washington Post duilfully noted.  The second was to stem the tide of blacks that are taking off the shackles of the Democratic Plantation.  It won't work.

Lowlifes like Mfume and others that take potshots against black conservatives are the reason why Rall and Greg Palast can run around making bigoted comments towards Powell, Rice, Thomas, and any other black conservative.  I personally am sick and tired of these fascists trying to ostracize and intimidate independent thinkers within the black community.

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Some Cosby notes...

Here is a great column by Jeff Dickerson for the Atlanta Business Chronicle from a month ago.  I stumbled upon it while conducting some searches for debates on a discussion board.

Dickerson is right on the money in his assessments.  As I said before, what Cosby has said is no different from what others, black and white, have said in the past.  And his timing is quite off considering the social and economic prosperity of black people in America is getting better, not worse.

Also, prepare for Cosby Part III tonight.  I'm surprised they would give him another mic to rant on, but then again maybe they're trying to call his bluff.  I wouldn't be surprised to hear some well-orchestrated boos coming from the galley.  Nevertheless, the press hounds will be there with their cameras clicking and their recorders running.  We'll see what happens.

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Edwards and Kerry are getting served.

Ugh.  I hate that movie, but it's very appropriate when you see this article.

According to USA Today, Bush and Cheney leads Kerry and Edwards by 15 points....IN NORTH CAROLINA.

I think that crushes Kerry's hopes of picking up even one Southern state, which was what John Edwards was expected to do.  It goes to show that polls taken among Democrats is definitely not a relative sample of the rest of the country.

It also shows John Edwards as a failed U.S. Senator for North Carolina.  As most pundits have said, the man would have probably lost his reelection bid had he taken it, unless Richard Burr and the Republicans are just hopeless (and considering these Republican spats, this isn't farfetched). 

But Edwards pulled a good one on the Democrats.  He made them think he was a viable running mate on nothing but good looks and good bullshit.  And now the Democrats will suffer because of it.  As you probably know by now, there was no bounce, and Kerry is actually still behind on a number of polls.

The Democrats are getting what they deserve.

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Friday, July 09, 2004
....but there's no leftist media bias.

So I check out Yahoo, and on their front page they posted an article of their poll results.

"The poll found Bush slightly leading Kerry 49 percent to 45 percent with independent candidate Ralph Nader at 3 percent. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. 

"The Bush-Kerry matchup was tied a month ago. Nader has slipped slightly since May, when he had 7 percent."

But the name of this article?  KERRY SOLIDIFIES BASE.

You see, Bush gaining a 4 point lead in the wake of Kerry announcing his running mate for VP AND both candidates being tied in last month's poll isn't significant enough to lead off the article with.  However, Ralph Nader actually losing ground to Kerry is.

But...there's no leftist bias.  Right.

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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Ted Rall's bigoted cartoon.

This is simply par for the course.

Have you heard of Ted Rall?  Well, this is the same jerk who stated that "Ronald Reagan is turning crispy brown right now" and also derided late NFL-player-turned-fallen-soldier Pat Tillman as ignorant.

Well he's on the warpath again, and this time he shows he's nothing but a lowlife piece of scum.

In this cartoon he jumps on the Bush Administration - again -, talking about what should be done once they have "given us back our soverignty".

Well, he had an interesting punishment for Condoleeza Rice.  He has Rice in an "inner-city racial reeducation camp" being forced to say "I was Bush's beard!  His house nigga!  His -".

Yeah.  A white leftist cartoonist...depicting the black U.S. National Security Advisor in a reeducation camp admitting to be a "house nigga'.

Oh, it gets better.  After she states this, a black man tells her she has to give up her "hair straightener", and is wearing a t-shirt saying "You're not white, stupid".

You're just going to have to excuse my language, but what a fucking prick.

This isn't the first concept of bigotry white leftists have displayed towards minority conservatives.  In fact, Greg Palast was featured on Dennis Miller's CNBC show just after the Abu Gharib story broke out, and he stated there will be more outrage once the pictures showing George Bush with a leash around Colin Powell's neck comes out.  Digusting.

You see, it's okay for minority conservatives, particularly black ones, to be the brunt of racist jokes and bigotry.  They aren't really "black" anyway, and no "real" black public figures will say anything about it.  And during this whole Bush term, it's been getting worse and worse, especially in the last year or so in regards to Iraq.

And this is because not only has minority leftists allowed these statements to slide, but they encourage them and participate in these characterizations themselves.  Clarence Thomas has been called everything but a son of God.  Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, John McWhorter, etc. are derided the same way, and all of them by other black people.  So white leftists say the same things, thinking they can get away with that tripe.

And they will.  According to Michelle Malkin, Rall is featured on over 140 papers with Universal Syndicate, including the Washington Post,   Oh sure; they probably won't publish this comic today.  But you won't see Ted Rall get what other comic strip writers would get if they did this to a black leftist public figure:  Fired and losing their syndicate.

We'll see if anyone in the media bites on this story other than Drudge.  But I wouldn't count on it.

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Iraq strikes back.

Well it's about damn time someone stepped up in Iraq and said they won't put up with Al-Zarqawi's garbage anymore.

Although I don't necessarily like the vigilantism in this threat, at the very least it shows that the people of Iraq are growing weary of being subject to suicide bombing, car and roadside bombings, and kidnappings by Abu Al-Zarqawi, and they want to do something about it.  Al-Zarqawi generally kills no more than a few soliders with his attacks while dozens of Iraqis are killed or wounded. 

Has anyone realized that Al-Zarqawi isn't even Iraqi?  He's Jordanian, and Jordan wants his head over there as well for several incidents, including that bombing plot that was foiled a few months ago.  He moved to Iraq after September 11th, and is a key ally to Al-Qaeda.  But of course, that's only "alleged" (as the author of the first link states in the article.  what a bunch of garbage.)

Also, something else that surfaced, but I never saw reported by anyone but the Drudge Report, is the fact that U.S. officials found hundreds of tons of radioactive material in Iraq last month and was partially shipped out of the country.  Now, why hasn't this been reported on more than it has?  According to the New York Times, this stuff could be used for dirty bombs that would kill thousands, and the plant it was found in was looted during the invasion.  Instead, most media outlets were reporting on a statement made by the 9/11 commission claiming they've seen everything Dick Cheney has seen in regards to an Iraq/Al-Qaeda link, in which both the press and the commission is looking dumber and more partisan as time goes on.

People that are determined to bring stability to Iraq are having to fight this front on two sides; one by the terrorists in Iraq, and the leftist political machine that consists of the Democrats and the media.  It is absolutely crucial to the future of the global landscape as well as the future of this country that conservatives stay diligent and see this through.

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