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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
The wrong guys won last night.

I kind of had hopes for the primaries last night, but they were quite disappointing.

Let's start in Georgia first.  "Jihad" Cynthia McKinney won her primary last night, getting 51% of the vote.  And now it looks as if she will go on to return to Washington, as Georgia's 4th Congressional District, a district that I used to live in and was embarrassed to have her as a representative, is heavily socialist and full of Bush-haters.  I wish her Republican opponent, Catherine Davis, well, but she has about as much of a chance to win as a mouse has to survive in a box full of pythons.

Herman Cain also lost in his bid for the U.S. Senate.  This is a crying shame too, because I've heard alot of good things about him and there were a number of conservatives, black and white, that were excited about his candidacy.  Johnny Isakson won the primary outright yesterday and will more than likely win Zell Miller's seat.  Far as I know, Isakson's a decent guy, but it's definitely disappointing when a black conservative with the credentials of Cain falls short.

In North Carolina, it wasn't much better.  For the Republican Gubernatorial primary, there will be a runoff between Richard Vinroot and Patrick Ballentine.  I was hoping Fern Shubert would have pulled an upset, but she got 5th place.  She was probably the most qualified for the nomination, and never pulled any punches in regards to laxing driver's license standards to allow illegal aliens to vote.  She also is a CPA, and had extensive knowledge about problems and waste within the state budget.  I'll support Ballentine, since he is a fresh face that the Republican Party desperately needs.  Richard Vinroot lost to Governor Mike Easley in 2000, and made false statements in regard to fellow primary candidate Bill Cobey's record on tax hikes.  Not only do I think Ballentine should win, but people have started to rally around him last night.

In the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor, Thomas Stith, another black conservative that was a member of the Durham City Council, lost outright as well.  It was a good try.  Besides, I doubt if he would have defeated Beverly Perdue, who is very popular and is obviously being groomed to be our next governor in 2008.

But one black conservative that was somewhat successful, but I wish wasn't, was Vernon Robinson.  He will face Virginia Foxx in a runoff for Republican Senate Candidate Richard Burr's congressional seat. 

I'm hoping Foxx wins.  This guy will hinder, not help the conservative cause within the black community.  If he ever makes it to Congress he will become an instant target for those who wish to disparage black conservatives.  He would be the leftist's response to anything Cyntha McKinney has said or done.  And it's already started, as NPR/Tavis Smiley has done a segment on him.

I checked out his radio and TV ads from his website, and they are absolutely HIDEOUS.  He's got to be the worst gay bashing politican I've ever seen, and his disparaging remarks on his Cosby ad and his statements about illegal aliens is sickening.  I cannot support someone that crass and bigoted.

Hopefully this 2004 election will get better for people in North Carolina.  But I doubt it.      

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The Democrats continue to cover for Berger.

You would have thought someone would actually step up within the Democratic Party and actually show a little bit of integrity.

There's no excuse for this.  You have the National Security Advisor taking highly sensitive documents out of the National Archives without clearance, and documents are still missing.  But now here comes the Democratic cabral stepping up to aid Sandy Berger.  How in the WORLD can you defend something that is absolutely defenseless?

Yesterday, I told you about Tom Daschle making comments, but I didn't show you what he said.  Here it is.

"He's cooperating. But I do think the timing is very curious, given this has been underway now for this long. Somebody leaked it, obviously with an intent, I think, to do damage to Mr. Berger and I think that's unfortunate," said Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

What's unfortunate is the lack of decency within the Democratic Party.  It's disgusting.

And you know Slick Willie had to add his two cents into it.  Check this out:

"We were all laughing about it on the way over here," the former president said of the investigation into Samuel "Sandy" Berger on classified terrorism documents missing from the National Archives.
Does the arrogance of this man know any bounds?  They're so used to criminal investigations that it's simply par for the course and something to laugh at.

And now Clinton's little turd, The Grand Wizard of Global Crossing, Terry McAulliffe, has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to look into any correspondence between the White House and the Justice Department in discussing the Sandy Berger investigation.

The Berger scandal shows the Democratic Party in full light.  These people will do anything and everything to stay in power, and defend anything to keep their buddies out of prison.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
PETA goes after KFC suppliers.

PETA finally catches KFC.  They sneak into a processing plant and videotaped workers in the back kicking and stomping chickens and throwing them up against a wall.

My goodness, people.  IT'S A DAMN CHICKEN!

We EAT them!  We actually take them, cut their heads off, pluck the feathers out, field dress them, and then throw their body parts into some hot ass grease that's over 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  And it tastes good than a motherfucker too.  Hell; I'm taking my ass to KFC after I get off of work.

You get up in arms over THIS?

It's funny when crap like this gets more press than Sandy Berger.  Give me a break.

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Sandy Berger has a paper fetish.

Sooo.....our former national security advisor has sticky fingers, huh?

We found out yesterday that Sandy Berger, the former National Security Advisor to President Clinton, is now being investigated for stealing highly classified documents and memos out of the National Archives.

How did he take it?  He supposedly hid it in his jacket and trousers.  Fox News said he also placed them in his socks.  Gee, maybe he just like's the nice smooth feel of paper?  He took the memos on purpose, supposedly because they were handwritten by him, but "inadvertently" took the classified documents". 

"I deeply regret the sloppiness involved, but I had no intention of withholding documents from the commission, and to the contrary, to my knowledge, every document requested by the commission from the Clinton administration was produced," Berger said in a statement.
"Sloppiness"?  SLOPPINESS?  

Sloppiness my black behind.  Berger KNEW precisely what he was doing.  That's like saying you robbed a bank and stole $10 million dollars instead of $1 million.  Fox News reports that Berger did have clearance to take selected memos from the archives, but none of those he wrote.  And to this minute, there are still some documents that have not been recovered.

And how can the commission request something that they dont even know about?  In fact, the Clinton Administration reserved the right to produce whatever documents they wanted to the 9/11 Commission.  And the press is acknowledging that Slick Willie was the one who told him to go to the Archives in the first place, under the guise of having Berger decide which documents the commission can and can't see.

What really ticks me off is that these dopes didn't even know he had taken anything until he tried to bring some of it back.  That's when they decided it would be a good time to take out some search warrants for his home.

And the Democrats are just disgusting people.  Instead of actually backing Ashcroft and the Justice Department, they are trying to downplay the incident and question the timing of the investigation being publicized.

David Gergen, former Clinton advisor:

"I think it's more innocent than it looks."

"I have known Sandy Berger for a long time," Gergen said in a television interview. "He would never do anything to compromise the security of the United States." Gergen said he thought that "it is suspicious" that word of the investigation of Berger would emerge just as the Sept. 11 commission is about to release its report, since "this investigation started months ago."

Joe Lieberman:

"Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., called the news "surprising" and said that "unless we learn otherwise, I have to assume that what Sandy said was right -- that any removal of documents was inadvertent. But it is serious."
And I just heard Tom Daschle's comments on CBS Radio News at the top of the hour where he was "troubled" at the timing of this story to coincide with the 9/11 Commissions final report on Thursday. 

These are some sick people, folks.

Of course, a federal investigation of a National Security Advisor stealing sensitive documents in regards to U.S. National Security interests is not even worthy of the front page of a number of newspapers.  But does that surprise you?  They did the same thing when Joe Wilson was proven to be a fraud by the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, and a number of them still defend or are silent about Ted Rall's and Michael Moore's antics.  And considering they've been protecting the Clinton Gang since 92, it's not surprising that they would continue to do so now.

*sighs*  Maybe one day we will be done with this Democratic menace.

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Monday, July 19, 2004
The Phillipines are disgracing themselves.

I was going to stay away from this story, mainly because Malkin was on the case so fervently and had more access to sources than I could ever have.

But if this is true, you can't help but say something about this mess.

If you've had your head in the sand for the last week or so, let's recap:

The pile of excrement known as the "Iraqi insurgents" released a tape of kidnapped Filipino contractor Angelo de la Cruz and demanded that Filipino troops pull out of Iraq.  Considering the problems with Islamic terrorists that the Phillipines has had over the last few years, the one most notably being Al-Qaeda ally Abu-Sayaf, most thought the Phillipines would not cave in to these thugs' demands.

Well sadly, they were wrong.  The Phillippines decided to pull their troops out of Iraq.  The funny thing is that they were going to do it at the end of their committed date, which was August 20th, so as to make it look like they weren't caving in.  Nuh uh, said the thugs.  He'll be freed once the Phillipines pull out., and it will be by the end of this month.  And that's precisely what the Filipinos did, with the last of their troops pulling out only hours ago, and no word of de la Cruz's whereabouts at this moment.

Here's some of what the Phillippines Daily Tribune said about this disgusting transaction:

"The Malaysian government, Malacaņang and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) yesterday refused to confirm or deny reports that $6 million in ransom was paid out to the Iraqi kidnappers for the release of Filipino truck driver Angelo de la Cruz in time for President Arroyo's State of the Nation Address (Sona) scheduled for July 26.

Officials from both governments declined to give any statement and evaded media queries on the Tribune report which stated, quoting intelligence sources, that $5 million was shelled out by Malaysia while the Philippines coughed off $1 million from the Landbank of the Philippines for the release of De la Cruz."
There is some meat to this accusation by the Daily Tribune.  Malaysia's Foreign Minister defended the Phillippines when it decided to pull out troops.  And for some reason, there has been a Lebanese businessman mediating between the two "sides".  And what was he getting out of it, I wonder?

Here's what Malaysia is supposedly getting out of it (this story didn't come from that link, it comes from a previous link that was deleted by the website):
"It was still unclear what the quid pro quo for Malaysia would be, for acting as intermediaries in the hostage crisis, but the same source said it is likely that the Malaysian-Libyan palm oil plantation project would be sped up.

Malaysia has also asked the Philippine government for an increased air flight frequency to Kuala Lumpur."

And the aftershocks are starting on this little dastardly deed.  The "New People's Army" decided they would not release two soldiers they captured until all military and police personnel has pulled out of two provinces.  They were obviously taking a page out of their friends in Iraq's playbook.

Condolences go out to Malkin, who last week wrote a column condemning Arroyo and the Phillippine government for this piss-poor response in the face of blatant terrorism.  And their actions are guaranteed to not make the people of the Phillippines any safer or thwart any kind of insurgence going on in that small nation.

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Friday, July 16, 2004
Senate Intelligence findings on Saddam terrorist ties.

Of course, everyone has been focusing on the WMD intelligence part of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report that was released last Friday.  But there were more things that should have been emphasized than the WMD question.

For example, what about CIA intelligence stemming from Hussein's ties to terrorist organizations?

Well they did find that the CIA was accurate in stating that Saddam was likely to use his own goons to conduct attacks than get terrorists to do his biddings.  Okay.  No problem there, because no one asserted that Hussein was hiring terrorists to be mercenaries.  But the question is, was he aligning himself with terrorist organizations, specifically Al Qaeda?

Well let's go to the second conclusion they found:

"Conclusion 91.  The Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) had maintained ties to several secular Palestinian terrorist groups and the Mujahidin e-Khalq was supported by the intelligence.  The CIA was also reasonable in judging that Iraq appeared to have been reaching out to more effective terrorist groups, such as Hizbollah and Hamas, and might have intended to employ such surrogates in the event of war.

Very interesting stuff, considering that no one has even mentioned a possible Hussein/Hizbollah or Hamas link.  And we know Saddam was giving $25,000 to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, so it isn't a stretch of the imagination.

What else did they find?  Here's some things on Al-Qaeda.

"Conclusion 95.  The Central Intelligence Agency assessment on safehaven - that al-Qaida or associated operatives were present in Baghdad and in northeastern Iraq in an area under Kurdish control - were reasonable.

Conclusion 97.  The Central Intelligence Agency's judgement that Saddam Hussein, if sufficiently desperate, might employ terrorists within a global reach - al-Qaida - to conduct terrorist attacks in the event of war, was reasonable.  No information has emerged thus far to suggest that Saddam did try to employ al-Qaida in conducting terrorist attacks."
So al-Qaeda was using Iraq as a safehaven, as Bush said, and that if desperate enough, Saddam would turn to terrorists to do his bidding.  Although we have no proof that the terrorist attacks led by Abu Al-Zarqawi are part of Saddam's plan, U.S. officials think coordinated attacks were planned before the war due to the accuracy and precise planning.  It isn't farfetched to think Al-Zarqawi has something to do with it too.

Regardless, there is no question that Saddam Hussein was not only a financier of terrorism, but also an ally, albeit on friendly terms.  And that's only what we know to be fact.  At the very least, it kills the incredibly stupid "Hussein is a secularist, Al-Qaeda is fundamentalist, so they would never work together" bit.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Joe Wilson is exposed as a fraud

In the last few months, particularly since the CIA leak scandal, I've become a fan of Robert Novak's columns.  They are generally informative and allows readers to have an inside view, so to speak, of the current atmosphere in Washington and what is to come up in the near future.

Well today he has both guns blazing at former Ambassador Joe Wilson.  After reading the Senate Intelligence Committe Report, there is no question that he is a fraud and a perp.

Here's one of the conclusions found by the Committee:

"Conclusion 13.  The report on the former ambassador's trip to Niger, disseminated in March 2002, didn not change any analysts' assessments of the Iraq-Niger uranium deal.  For most analysts, the information in the report LENT MORE CREDIBILITY (my emphasis) to the original Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reports on the uranium deal, but State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) analysts believe that the report supported their assessment that Niger was unlikely to be willing or able to sell uranium to Iraq."
Therefore, Wilson's report did nothing.  It helped the dips at the State Department strengthen their argument, but as for the intelligence agencies, it made them believe more than ever that Saddam did try to get yellowcake.

In fact, the Senate Committee stated this:

"Conclusion 23.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Humint Service (DHS), or the Navy should have followed up with a West African businessman, mentioned in a Navy report, who indicated he was willing to provide information about an alleged uranium transaction between Niger and Iraq in November 2002."
In other words, as Tony Blair and others have implied, there was more intelligence in regards to Saddam and Niger than those forged documents.  And it also vindicates Financial Times reports over the last few weeks (I don't have a subscription, so I can't link to them) that those documents were PURPOSELY FORGED.  Not to trick intelligence agencies, but to provide as a diversion while uranium negotiations were underway.  In fact, FT on Monday reported that these documents were actually for sale.

There were people that were ready to impeach Bush over this issue, and they still are.  But now those same people are silent about these findings by the Senate Committee.

UPDATE:  I just thought about this before I closed up shop....if the Financial Times's new allegations of those forged documents actually being up for sale are true, did Joe Wilson/the CIA pay for them, and if so, for how much?  I'm sure a number of Americans would like to see how much money did Wilson take out of the CIA account (because you know he didn't use his own money, although I wish he did) to use fake documents in order to come back to the States and act as if he was the ultimate whistleblower.

Lastly, the Senate Committee rips the CIA for using Wilson in the first place:

"Problems with the Intelligence Community's HUMINT efforts were also evident in the Intelligence Community's handling of Iraq's alleged efforts to acquire uranium from Niger.  The Committeee does not fault the CIA for exploiting the access enjoyed by the spouse of a CIA employee traveling to Niger.  The Committee believes, however, that it is unfortunate, considering the significant resources available to the CIA, that this was the only option available.  Given the nature of rapidly evolving global threats such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons and weapons technology, the Intelligence Community must develop means to quickly respond to fleeting collection opportunities outside the Community's established operating areas."
In other words, the Committee said, "Why in the world did you use THIS guy?  You couldn't find anyone better than him?"

I'll discuss the Committee's findings on Iraq's terrorist ties later this evening. 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Are Marion and Tim throwing their races?

I help produce a sports talk show on Mondays for the talk radio station I work for.  While we were setting up, we were looking at an ESPN piece on Jones and Montgomery's troubles at qualifying for the Olympics.

After the BALCO scandal allegations, Jones placed fifth in the 100M at the Track and Field World Championships in Greece last week, while Montgomery placed 7th.  Neither qualified for the Olympics.  Of course, Jones has plenty of other events to run in.  She is in the long jump finals, but only has the 7th best jump in the competition and has not made an Olympic qualifying jump yet.  The finals are Thursday.  She also runs in the 200 on Friday.

The initial conclusion, if you think she's guilty, would be to assume she is coming off of the juice, as well as the inactivity due to the baby might have slowed her down.  But my host seems to think she and Montgomery might be throwing these events on purpose.  While Jones losing the 100 was a shocker, most pundits thought she would qualify for the long jump easily.  Well she hasn't.

It will be interesting to see if she does qualify for the long jump.  Right now, with all the controversy surrounding her, Montgomery, the rest of the people in the BALCO scandal and her ex-husband testifying in front of a grand jury things aren't looking too good for Jones right now.

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Athletes' wives should be seen, not heard.

Sorry guys...I know I've been neglecting sports, particularly since I restarted this blog.  But it's summer and I'm not that much of a baseball fan (I didn't even watch the Home Run Derby or watch the All-Star Game.  I've been tired the past couple of nights and have been hitting the sack early.).  But I'll try to focus a little more on sports in the next few weeks on this blog, at least to an observation post once a week.  But things won't step up for me until college and NFL preseason.

Anyways, you can call me chauvanistic, and I don't care, but I am tired of athlete's wives running their mouths to any two-bit pencil pusher or some radio joke that's trying to get his ratings out the toilet.

Here's what Shaq's wife said about Kobe:

"Before summer began, I would have said, I think he's a cool guy, kind of to himself. This Kobe that I've gotten to know, or not even gotten to know but learned to know, is a different person. I just never would have thought that he would be as selfish as he is."
And this has become commonplace.  Anytime an athlete's wife has gotten on the radio she's always trying to bash someone or make a situation worse.  And she isn't the only one.  Jackie Christie is famous for this.  Hell, she is the QUEEN of this mess.  Everytime you turn around she's got her nose into something, her husband is a virtual prisoner and can't go anywhere or do anything without her and she drives everyone else around them crazy.  That has to be the most pathetic marriage I ever heard of.  Doug needs to grow a set of testicles.

Honorable mention goes to Christina Rice, who's big mouth helped to permanently scar Glen Rice's image and led to his eventual nonexistence in the NBA despite winning a world title with the Lakers.

The simple fact is that if you aren't shooting baskets or running up and down the court dunking on people, keep your mouth shut and sit on the sidelines like the trophy you are.  You aren't doing anything but making situations worse.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
"Uncle Tom" catcalls start up again.

Queasy Mfume decided to take time to bash black conservatives today.

Awl.  Isn't it nice that he took the time to think about us for a change?

All quips aside, Mfume is no different than Michael Moore, Ted Rall, and the rest of the cesspool of leftist demagogues.  This fool has a nerve to talk about someone being a puppet.  The NAACP has been puppets for the Democratic Party for decades.  They talk about legacies of slavery, well they need to start looking back into the legacy of the Democratic Party.

Mfume killed two birds with one stone today.  The first was to warn Cosby about his attitude, which the Washington Post duilfully noted.  The second was to stem the tide of blacks that are taking off the shackles of the Democratic Plantation.  It won't work.

Lowlifes like Mfume and others that take potshots against black conservatives are the reason why Rall and Greg Palast can run around making bigoted comments towards Powell, Rice, Thomas, and any other black conservative.  I personally am sick and tired of these fascists trying to ostracize and intimidate independent thinkers within the black community.

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