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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
NFL wrapup.

Eh.  This was an alright week. 

Of course, Pittsburgh is the king of the hill for right now, and perhaps for the rest of the regular season.  I don't see them losing anytime soon.  The Eagles and Patriots have came back from their respective whuppins from the Steelers, although they really haven't been tested yet (Well, the Pats had a pretty impressive win over the Rams last week, so I guess that accounts for something.) 

But I watched the Eagles/Cowboys game last night, the Eagles didn't look that great against a team that has pretty much given up on the season.  Sure, TO got three touches but that was against a nonexistent secondary that didn't seemed like they didn't try.  The Eagles' chances of sweeping the NFC look pretty good, although the Eagles are still vulnerable to a good secondary effort and an offense that can possibly put points on the board.  The only teams I can see doing that right now are all in the AFC, albeit Atlanta can do that if their defense decides to show up that day, and possibly Minnesota and St. Louis can outshoot them.

For example, I watched Atlanta/Tampa Bay, and it was a decent game.  Tampa Bay looked real sloppy, as it was their worst effort since Michael Vick has been playing in Atlanta.  Tampa Bay usually plays "kill the man" with Vick, as their linemen are reall quick and can shut him down.  Vick was contained for a while, but finally he started connecting with Algee Crumpler, who got two huge passes late in the game.  That pretty much put the Bucs away. 

Atlanta is in that second tier in the league with Minnesota, Green Bay, St. Louis, Jacksonville and Denver.  However, I'm still not sold on their chances to be a quality team right now because you never know when their defense will show up, and if you have a good back - ala Priest Holmes's dismantling of their defense a few weeks ago - they will get ran over.  Lucky for them the NFC only has a couple of those backs, so I expect them to lose once to New Orleans this year.  And they might have a problem with Tiki Barber and the Giants next week, albeit they've been having problems as well.

I'm just grateful that Carolina didn't lose the Toilet Bowl matchup vs. San Francisco, but I was really pissed that they let themselves get behind 17-0 late in the first half.  There's no excuse for that.  Luckily San Francisco's defensive line couldn't push their way through a wet paper bag, so Delhomme was able to do the things he normally would if he had a real offensive line.  Fox might as well get used to the idea that Carolina will be a passing team for the rest of the year, considering all three running backs are hurt.

Okay so I went....8-6 last week.  Not good.  Hopefully I'll do better with next week's predictions, which should be up Saturday.

Also, congratulations to my TARHEELS for turning this season around and getting a big win over Wake Forest.  If they beat Duke, they'll go to their first bowl game in about..three or four years.  That's great, and I'm really excited about UNC quarterback Darian Durant.  You might hear about him doing some big things next year in the NFL.

So Tarheels, go get our bell back!

Oh, and one more thing to the prudes out there:  GET OVER YOURSELVES.  It wasn't as if she flashed a tiddie on national television or anything.  Get a life.

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Monday, November 15, 2004
Powell resigns; Rice made Sec of State.

As expected, Colin Powell gave Bush his resignation papers, pending the training of his replacement being completed.

Bush wasted no time making Condoleeza Rice that replacement.

There were scant rumors that Rice would resign also, albeit it was a long shot.  Rice comes into the State Department tested, and I wouldn't be surprised about hearing the word "reform" dancing around much like the CIA is doing under new director Porter Goss.  Bush seems determined to do the clean up that he talked about during Election 2000.

This also gives a little insight into Rice's future plans, as she will now become a familiar name for vice-president in 2008 or possibly Governor of California in 2010 or 2014 (assuming Schwarzenegger runs and is reelected).  However, I agree with Reynolds over at Instapundit that she has to be awfully tired, considering that this administration has had one of the most daunting and draining four years probably since WWII.  I can't see her wanting to go straight into a VP nomination in 08.

And to show how draining it can be, Powell makes six cabinet members that won't be back for the second term.  From most accounts, there could be as many as two or three more.

I'm not going to gloat or celebrate because Rice is the Sec of State.  I'll just wish her luck and leave it at that.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004
Tonight's fights and NFL picks.

Don King put on a 4 heavyweight match fight card tonight, pitting Hasim Rahman vs. Kali Meehan, Evander Holyfield vs. Larry Donald, John Ruiz vs. Andrew Golata, and Chris Byrd vs. Jameel McCline.

Believe me folks, this is the worst the heavyweight division has ever looked since the early 80's, during the period when Larry Holmes retired and before Tyson became a monster.  It doesn't look like it's going to get any better anytime soon, either.  Rahman dominated his fight as he should have, winning by a 4th round KO.  However, the other three were embarrassing.

Chris Byrd retained his IBF title despite hitting the canvas in the second round and won by a very narrow decision.  The AP had Byrd winning the fight by a couple of rounds, due to his boxing prowess. 

And John Ruiz has proved to be one of the biggest embarrassments to be considered a heavyweight champion, sliding past Andrew Golata despite being knocked down twice and being penalized by a low blow.  And he did it by turning the fight into a cirus in which the ref had to throw his trainer out of the arena after he first threw a punch at Golata's trainer in the first round, and kept arguing with the ref until he was thrown out in the eighth.  And after Ruiz was knocked down in the second he continued to fight that same dirty grabbing style and afterwards got a little love from the judges. 

Golata was surprised.  So was the AP, as they had him winning the fight.  And note, this was the second time he got robbed by a Don King fighter, as his fight against Chris Byrd was a draw.  Golata won't win a fight with them unless he knocks them out.

UPDATE:  I forgot the third fight.  Holyfield got embarrassed by unknown Larry Donald.  Someone needs to force Holyfield to retire.  This is becoming a joke.

Anyway, on to the NFL.  Here are my picks for today:

- Tampa Bay over Atlanta

- Pittsburgh over Cleveland

- Indy over Houston

- Jacksonville over Detroit (I'm not sure bout this one folks, but I'll go with the favorite)

- KC over NO

- Baltimore over Jets

- St. Louis over Seattle

- Titans over Chicago (not sure bout this one either)

- Redskins over Bengals

- Giants over Cards

- Minnesota over Green Bay

- Carolina over San Francisco (Toilet Bowl)

- New England over Buffalo (duh.)

And for Monday Night:

- Philly over Dallas

The games to watch are Minn/GB, St. Louis/Seattle, Balt/Jets, Pitt/Cleve (Roethlisberger will break rookie starting record if he wins today), and Car/San Fran (to see who will be the worst team in the league).  Philly/Dallas will more likely be a snoozer, so plan to go to bed early.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004
Tell me if this makes sense...

CBS News fired a senior producer earlier this week due to cutting into CSI: New York for a special report announcing Yasser Arafat's passing.

This could, and possibly should deserve criticism and a reprimand, since it wasn't a breaking news story considering Arafat's passing had been rumored for over a week.  And it probably did stop local affiliates from reporting the scoop on their late news.

But put it in perspective; this woman gets fired immediately, yet it's been over two months and Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, and Andrew Heyward still haven't received any kind of punishment for airing fake documents that would have embarassed the President of the United States less than two months before a hotly contested presidential election.  And CBS hasn't been criticized nearly as much for this slip-up by this producer as they have been for that "60 Minutes" story in September.

If only Dan Rather would have preempted CBS programming in order to do announce that they had found these documents, he would have been held accountable for his actions in a quicker manner.  At least the producer was concerned on getting the story right and properly informing the public.  Rather wasn't.  But I suppose all that really matters is that he still has his job and she doesn't. 

Gotta love those standards at CBS.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Carole Simpson flips her wig.

Anyone heard about Carole Simpson lately?

Ole girl hasn't been looking too good lately, and it seems that ABSNews has put her on the back burner so she can run around harrassing little children.  An up-and-comer in the news industry during Bill Clinton's run for the White House in 92 and headed the first presidential townhall debate where Slick Willie's bullshit was in full view for probably the first time (have you seen that debate?  Check out this and fast foward to about 2:04 into it.).  You would have thought she was sprung by Slick Willie.

Anyway, she showed her behind at a forum covered by CSpan the other day in Washington.  It seems as if the ABS employee isn't as objective as most ABS employees have tried to suggest.

Here's some of what she said:

I look at this map, and I'm like, "What the heck is happening?" For the past year, I am bringing news into the schools. I was concerned that all research was showing young people in America are not watching the news; they're not reading the news, and this is frightening to me, from someone who got into journalism in the 1960s because we wanted to change America. We thought if people understood the problems, that we'd get solutions to some of the problems. So when I find out that our young people are noooot being aware of what's going on, um... ABC has allowed me to travel about this city, and I leave for a big red state tomorrow (Laughing) Missouri. (Laughing.)

One thing that irks me about journalists and news broadcasting today is that they feel it's their duty to change America.  America doesn't need to be changed, at least not by them.  Your job is to report the news.  Find a story, and tell people what happened.  It's not that hard, Carole. 

Call me crazy, but I think if people are given the problems in a fair, reasonable manner, they can find the solutions on their own.  *shrugs*

Here's some more:

They are chatting. They are on their phones constantly. They are talking to people on the phones. They're watching these reality shows. They are NOT watching the news. Then I'm going, "Oh, my God! Are our children going to grow up stupid?" and I don't say that to them, but when I hear some of their answers to questions, I'm like, "They still think that Saddam Hussein blew up the World Trade Center," and I'm telling you, I've been all over the country, and I'm like, "Oh, my God! How could they miss this?" and then I look at the election, and I'm going, "Well, of course our kids are not bright about these things because their parents aren't." Seventy percent of the people of America still believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with the World Trade Center, and that's why we're at war, and I'm like, "Oh, my God! Nobody is looking at news."

Correction, Carole:  they aren't watching YOUR news.

And really, can you blame them?  The mainstream media has a serious problem with objectivity and credibility, and as you see further down, Simpson isn't helping this a bit.

Maybe Hussein didn't have anything to do with 9/11.  That's reasonable, although we don't know what Hussein knows, and we do know that he has have been aligned with terrorist organizations dating back to Mogadishu.  We also know that Al Qaeda agents and Hussein have met on several occasions, and that Abu Al-Zarqawi has held refuge in the country after 9/11, among other terrorists.  So it isn't surprising that people would think the worst of Hussein.  Regardless, that doesn't make them stupid because they believe it.  If anything, it makes Simpson naive.

Here's more:

The children are saying, "Well, I hear Rush Limbaugh," and I said that's not the news, and they go, "But he's talking about news things." Okay, that's really scary when I hear them say that they think they're getting the news. They can't make the separation between the New York Times and ABC News and NPR and the talk shows: Hannity & Colmes or Bill O'Reilly. It's all the same to them. It's all the news,. Entertainment Tonight. It's all the news. So it's been a very frightening thing to me. I am scared. I'm gonna admit to you that I'm scared.

Here's what Simpson doesn't get: the reason why people are turning to these shows isn't due to lack of enthusiam for news, but the interest to get the other side of the story. 

Also, she's "scared" because no one can see the difference between newspapers and talk shows.  What she doesn't realize is that talk shows rarely claim to be unopinionated.  In fact, they're quite up front about it, and it's easy to see.  The mainstream media claims to be unbiased, yet people see them as no different than those talk shows.  Maybe it's just me, but that says alot more about the supposed "unbiased" mainstream media than it does about those talk shows or the people watching them.


I got a little map here of pre-Civil War free versus slave states. I wish you could see it in color and large. But if you look at it, the red states are all done in the South, and you have the Nebraska territories, the New Mexico territories and the Kansas territories, but the Pacific Northwest and California were not slave states. The northeast was not. It looks like the map of 2004, and when you say, "Let's let the states decide," I remember what the states decided when they had slavery. I think they're going quickly after social programs, despite what he says. (tepid applause) I think we're going to get a roll back on all kind of things. Affirmative action is a bad word; liberal is a bad word; gay is a bad word, diversity. All these words that are perfectly fine words now are these touchstones, these trigger points, and that frightens me.

This, out of anything else Simpson has said, shows her outright bias against Republicans and their supporters.

I wrote about this last week on Northern Arc in regards to the leftist ego.  It's no wonder people from the South and the Heartland doesn't want to support Democrats or leftist ideals; the self-righteous attitude shown by people like Simpson will never add one vote in these areas.  The whiny-assed way leftists have behaved after Election Night will not add one vote in the South.  In fact, they could possibly see landslides throughout the South in 2006 and 2008.

To try to treat the South in 2004 as if it was 1860 reeks of nothing more than pure elitism.  Are there racists in the South?  Sure.  But they are the exception rather than the norm.  And it should be emphasized that there are still more Democrats in a number of Southern states and they still remain dominant in the state houses and legislatures throughout the South. 

Soimehow, the party that has dominated the South ever since Thomas Jefferson captured the presidency in 1800  - even throughout the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and through the Reagan Presidency - has allowed the leadership of 1994-2004 to squelch their hold on it.  To undo the work of over 200 years takes a lot of hard work, albeit in a very short time.

And finally:

I have to tell you, I'm going to average schools. I don't want the bright schools. I don't want the kids that are in the selective high schools. I want the kids that are going to be average Americans and may hold a... a... blue-collar job or something and may not be going to college. But if that's the bulk of America, and they don't care -- and I'm trying to make them care and see how all of these things connect to them -- um, it's really scary. I may be reaching, out of the 4,000 students I've talked, to maybe 400 I've reached. That's a good number, I guess, if I've gotten to at least 10% of them. Umm, But it's scary to me. I'm... I'm really afraid and I'm afraid about this election.

Hey...did you notice how she snuck that "Talented Tenth" reference?  4,000 students she talked to, but only 400 students she "reached".  Right.  Elitism and self-righteousness can be a motha.  Maybe that other 90% wasn't feeding into her b.s. that day.

Check out part of Simpson's comments from The Daily Recycler and Simpson''s audio with commentary from Limbaugh's website.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
NFL thoughts.

A few ponderings that I have:

I think there is no question in anyone's minds who the hottest team in the NFL is, and that's the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The additions of Ben Roethlisberger and Duce Staley were proven to put them over the top. 

Roethlisberger is having the same year Tom Brady had during the Patriots first Super Bowl run.  He's a pretty big guy, standing at 6'5 and weighing over 240, but can move with ease and can throw under pressure.  He currently has a 105.2 quarterback rating, which is good for a QB with years on his belt, and even better for a rookie.  I watched both the Eagles and Patriots games, and I thought he did a pretty decent job.

But the anchor of that offense is the ground game, and the Eagles showed they still can't stop the run.  Jerome Bettis is one of the best running backs of all time, as he's #6th in the all-time yardage for a RB and is guaranteed a spot in the Hall.  But considering all of the injuries and also being downgraded once Duce Staley came from Philly this year, it's a shame that Philly can not muster up enough to keep Bettis under 100 yards.  And it goes to show that Philly would probably be on a 2-game losing streak if Jamal Lewis wasn't serving his suspension for being charged with drug trafficking earlier this year.

But with all of that, Philly will still win the NFC East this year and will have home field throughout the playoffs.  The NFC is quite weak this year, as there is no one other than the Eagles that looks like they can contend for a Super Bowl.  The only ones that comes close to Philly is probably the Vikings, as long as Culpepper can keep launching bombs and outrunning defensive linemen.  However, they need a damn defense, which is why they lost last night's game against Indianapolis.

The cream of the crop:  Steelers, Pats, Eagles, Colts, Chargers.  I suppose alot of naysayers are apologizing to Marty Schottenheimer right about now, as the Chargers are now 6-3 after going 4-12 last year.

The toilet bowl:  Dolphins, Panthers, Niners, Cows, Cards.  Four of those five are in the NFC.  Which one will be the last to get Win 2:  the Dolphins, Niners, or the Panthers?  Ugh.  Right now, the Panthers are just finding ways to lose games.  I know they've lost 10 guys to injury, but when you lose games in such a fashion as they've been doing, that's no excuse.  You don't need to be skilled to avoid penalties.

I'll have more later this week, including my picks.

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Monday, November 08, 2004
LGF alerts AP journalist photos of insurgent attacks.

This is absolutely reprehensible.  I can't imagine any journalist in their right minds that would stand there and shoot pictures while insurgents attack our troops (hat tip: Little Green Footballs.  Pictures are via Yahoo):

And this journalist, Bilal Hussein, just stands there while they do this!

I'm not saying he should do something about it.  But it would be very hard for me or any self-respected journalist to sit there while this scum continues to try to kill off our servicemen; the same servicemen that keep our country safe so his punk ass can have a job.

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The battle for Fallujah.

Let's hope our servicemen get it done this time.

We should have never let Fallujah and Ramadhi get out of control like that in the first place.  Now that the election is over, it's time to raise hell in that place.

Check out Hammorabi to find out the latest.  He's an Iraqi blogger that probably has the best insight into what's going on in Iraq.  He got harrassed today by an emailer, but I know he will continue on telling the truth about the slime that is creating terror throughout Iraq.  The Messopotamian and Healing Iraq are good ones too, with plenty of information and good punditry.

Earlier today, Allawi publicly gave permission to U.S. troops to go into Fallujah and clear it out.  This afternoon, Rumsfeld followed it up with a press conference in Washington, saying that the insurgency must end.

The troops are taking their time, as they have adding onto the air campaign they've used for the last couple of weeks, and on the ground they've closed off all points out of Fallujah.  Everyone inside is trapped.  They have already secured the western border of Fallujah, taking the main bridge and also a couple of hospitals.  Already there are complaints by leftists because military officials said doctors can not go out into the combat zone to treat the injured.

The AP is reporting today that troops have taken a couple of neighborhoods, and Marines can be visibly seen on rooftops.  Power has been cut off in the whole city, possibly setting up a humanitarian crisis because businesses have been closed for the last two days.  Richard Myers, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and U.S. Iraq Commander Gen. George Casey feel they will get into the most aggressive fighting in the next couple of days.

We'll see what happens then, but regardless, there is no doubt that they need to finish the ones that are in those two cities off.  Now will this effectively end the terror?  No, but it will mortally damage them so that we can finally capture and kill the heads of these terrorist militias.  Let's do this so we can finally have peaceful elections on January 29th.

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Friday, November 05, 2004
The Leftist Ego.

This column should be up on sometime this evening.

The Leftist Ego
By Expertise

I used to work at a pretty popular restaurant in Atlanta a few years ago. It was a pretty busy place, and once I got used to the stress and demands of serving, it was a pretty decent place to work.

One day I was cleaning up after the lunch rush, and a female coworker who had the section right beside mine and I were making small talk. She was a big-boned chick, and of course kats like her “bones”, and she was dark-skinned. I never paid her much attention, however.

So all of a sudden, she blurts out, “You know, I think you’re gay.”

It kind of took me by surprise. “Oh? Why do you say that?”

“Because all the other guys here (at work) flirt and hit on me and shit, and you never do that. I figured you must be gay.”

Now when she said that, I started laughing. Not hard, but just a chuckle. I didn’t know what else to do. I mean, was she REALLY serious?

So I replied, “I always knew Atlanta women had egos, but I didn’t think they’d get as big as yours. I mean, did it not cross your mind that I might not be attracted to you? That you might not be my type?”

When I said that, her face fell. I hurt her feelings. But what are you to do when egomaniacs try to paint you as different or possibly inferior because you don’t act the way they expect you to act?

Such is the case with leftists after Election Night. When they say something, you’re not supposed to question it. You’re supposed to shut up and get behind it. And when you don’t, you’re stupid, you’re ignorant, you’re a backwoods country hick with no formal education and gets intimate with your cousins. If that’s how you think, fine. But don’t sit there and whine afterwards when you take heavy losses in the same states and regions that you insult.

The reason Democrats got swept in the South and in the Heartland is real simple; they want to force their message upon people rather than listening to what people think and then adjusting their message to cater them. The South was owned by the Democratic Party since Thomas Jefferson was president. Now, there are only four U.S. Senators in the South that are Democrats.

Instead of learning from the drubbing they took from the Republicans and the majority of the populace, they instead engage in self-righteousness and think the people that voted are the problems, not them. And it didn’t take them any time at all to do so. Whether it was post-election rallies in San Francisco with signs saying “Fuck Middle America” or “Can We Secede Already?”, the writers at talking about “the unteachable ignorance of the Red States”, or a British newspaper/tabloid asking how 59 million people could be so stupid, the left is only digging themselves into a bigger hole with their pretentiousness and disdain.

Aren’t they supposed to be the champions of the poor and disadvantaged? That’s what they claim. But a significant amount of the majority that voted against them are lower-income earners. They don’t consider the Democrats their champion. It goes to show that saying you are and actually being it are two different things.

The Democrats look across the ocean to Europe and see the dream that has evaded them; a populace that looks to the left to take care of them and address every single need they want. But there is a significant difference between Europe and America: European countries were often started through monarchies and empires. America was founded on the idea of individual empowerment. You can not approach Americans the same as you do Europeans.

Until the Democratic Party realizes this, they will continue to be locked out of most of this country and confined to New England and the West Coast. This time it was the Southern states in the Senate. In 08 they risk losing the Great Lake states (Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) and possibly others.

If leftists don’t get off of their high horse, they soon won’t have a horse to ride at all.

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Now that the election is over...

I feel like I can start cutting up again.

Therefore, without further adieu, I give you Toccara, from America's Next Top Model:

I bet you see why I watch this show now, huh?

This gives me TWO things to thank Ohio for.  And thank God for plus-sized models. :-D

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