Entry: Zell Miller will be at the GOP Convention. Saturday, June 26, 2004

It's hard to find upstanding people nowadays, much less honorable politicians.

So when politicians like Zell Miller come around, you have to appreciate who this man is and what he represents.

It's real simple; he could not let party loyalty come before the loyalty of his country and state.

I was living in Georgia when Paul Coverdell died unexpectantly in 2000.  I witnessed the disgraceful attitudes of the Democrats in Georgia.  Paul Coverdell body hadn't even grown cold yet and John Lewis, Cynthia McKinney, and many others started lobbying then-Governor Roy Barnes in order to get that Senate seat.  It got so bad that Roy Barnes had to rebuke them in public.

So what did Barnes do?  He appointed the one person who didn't want it....Zell Miller.

There were a number of Republicans who felt that a Republican should replace Coverdell, since he was a Republican.  In retrospect, I think conservatives are glad that Zell Miller is representing that state.

But he doesn't only represent Georgians.  Zell Miller is America's Senator.

Miller didn't buy his soul for a committee chair, like Jim Jeffords did.  He stayed on, and criticized his fellow party members in Washington.  He never was to be an Al Gore, who couldn't even beat George Bush in his home state because of his joyride to the left over the years.  He's probably the most popular politician in Georgia, and is definitely the most visible member of the Georgia delegation in Washington.

When I heard he's going to speak at the GOP convention, it really didn't surprise me.  Miller serves as a stark reminder that there are two Democrat parties; the Washingtonians and the Southerners.  And Democrats are upset because Miller did not conform into what they wanted him to be.

It's a shame others don't agree with me, including a former classmate of mine who just happened to work in Miller's office.  While I am pleased to see Anthony Coley rubbing noses with the Washington elite, since I know that's what he's always wanted to do, I sure hope he remembers Zell Miller's words.  Unfortunately, I know he just blew them off and will go the typical route of most African-Americans in Washington.  Maybe one day he'll see the light.


July 9, 2004   12:22 AM PDT
To this Georgia Republican, Zell has shown himself to be a Democrat of uncommon sense and integrity. A real peach in a party of too many rotten tomatoes.

(My apologies if you are a registered Dem and if you like really ripe vine fruit. First time visiting your blog and it's terrific!)

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