Entry: Cosby's cutting up again. Friday, July 02, 2004

Okay...what's the deal with Cosby?

I really don't know what to think about this.  This is the second time in, say, about a month that Cosby has used public venues to display anger towards blacks.

Is this Cosby's new gimmick?  To live his life as Hilton Lucas, his character on his CBS version of "Cosby"?  Just staying angry and grumpy all the time?  That's what it seems like.

That's not saying his rants don't have merit.  They do.  There is significant problems within the black community in regards to anti-achievement and anti-intellectualism.  But Cosby just points fingers - you, you, and you - and saying they are the reason why black people can't advance and why there are so many problems.

Sorry, but it's much more complicated than that.  As John McWhorter stated in Losing the Race, these problems aren't just isolated within a certain demographic of the black community.  It's widespread, and it encompasses rich and poor, urban and rural. 

And another thing that really irks me about these rants of Cosby is how the age factor comes into play.  According to Cosby. the civil rights leaders are the messiahs of the black community, but the young masses aren't willing to follow in their footsteps and build upon what they've created. 

Sorry, but that shit doesn't work for me.  These problems didn't just start in this generation.  It started in the same generation that Cosby claims did all of this for black people.  While the civil rights movement focused on political issues, the fact remains that self-sufficiency and aspiration went neglected, at least to the point where everything focused back on community.

Their policies and ideals snowballed into what we see today.  Rap music/hip hop didn't just start in the 90's.  Neither did gangs and high crime.  Members of the black community kept their mouths shut about these things in the 60's, and felt it was more important to confront the government rather than address these issues and confront the ones behind them locally.  Well, you should have done a little of both, and not be afraid to "air dirty laundry" just because of what white people might think.  The simple fact remains that black leaders have been more worried about style, rather than substance.  And the bad part is, people were no more fooled about what's going on in the 60's than they are in the new century. 

Cosby and others must be aware of the roots of degeneration of morals and degradation within the black community.  It didn't start during slavery.  It didn't start 10 years ago.  It started with the emphasis of political activism and the subsequent neglect of individual responsibility and values.  Only when we correctly surmise the roots of the problem can we actually start fixing it.



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