Entry: Richard Vinroot deserves respect. Thursday, July 22, 2004

He did the right thing.  He could have easily stayed in the runoff and still had a chance to defeat Ballentine, but he did what was best for the party, something that few politicians would have done.  This was a big shock for everyone, and considering some of the statements he made about Ballentine yesterday, no one expected it.

With this show of integrity by Vinroot, I expect Ballentine to get a slight push in the polls that he otherwise wouldn't have gotten had a runoff would have went down.  The White House will enthusiasticly support Ballentine, since Ballentine is more of a moderate conservative after Bush's own heart, so I'm sure Bush will campaign in North Carolina a few more times before the November elections.

Easley will still have a considerable lead in the polls, but Ballentine still has a considerable chance to beat him.  Good luck to him, and he has by support and my vote so far.


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