Entry: Why the left (and the media) is scared of Sarah Palin. Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's one thing to see pond scum like Jerome Armstrong, Markos Moulitsas, and Andrew Sullivan resort to 1800's-style muckraking by posting every bit of negative trash of Sarah Palin they can on their blogs.  Nowadays, it's the sort of mess that the left side of the blogosphere can be relied on: false rumors and innuendos.  But it's entirely another to see the "mainstream media", in which millions of viewers tune in to watch, trash the woman as well.  From the very moment John McCain introduced the woman into the national spotlight, television pundits, anchors and reporters have filled the small screen with criticism, condescension, and mockery in analyzing her. 

With as much trash about Palin on national television, the agenda of the media and of the left wing muckrakers is quite glaring.  However, what's even more glaring is the fact that none of this is working, and it makes the "mainstream" media look ridiculously out of touch with the American voters as well as having no clue about what's happening with the electorate.   Rasmussen Reports's tracking poll has Obama up by only three points, the same as this time last week.  CNN has Obama up by only one point.  Zogby has McCain up by a point.  All of these polls have been done after the Palin announcement.

The consensus is clear:  the Palin announcement, for the first time this year, took Obama completely off the news programs for a full weekend.  And not just any weekend; the post-national convention weekend, which took away any momentum the Obama campaign had (but it could be argued that Obama's lead was disappearing anyway).  Regardless, there was no convention bounce for the left-wing rockstar.

Sarah Palin is a fresh face compared to a stale Washington.  Her record as Alaska's Governor, as thin as it may be, shows she not only is willing to talk the talk, but walk the walk.  The mother of five, with a hard working husband, immediately galvanized the conservative base (to the tune of $10 million for the McCain campaign in 3 days) has the leftists in the Democratic party in convulsions, and has the American public looking at McCain, instead of Obama, for the first time during the Election of 2008.

That's why they're scared, and that's why they are trying to destroy her in any way possible.  It won't work.


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December 23, 2008   04:06 AM PST
Ha, I see this has not been updated recently.

Sorry if the news press performed an essential role in vetting a candidate for public office who was completely unqualified. In the end their "fears" were hardly justified since that "galvanization" was about as short-lived as a sale on Crystal Pepsi in 1991.

Palin will be back on the national scene, probably as a senator representing the most nowhere state in the nation as opposed to its governor. Great career move for her but suicidal for the Republicans. It quelled a week's worth of bump for the Dems, whoop-de-dam-doo compared to the fact that is undermined the ONE advantage McCain had and failed to obviate the numerous and foreseeable problems his campaign had.

Of course a major part of the problem was that the Republican Party was fresh out of fresh faces, or even faces period. If they wanted a woman, well, 70% of women in the legislature are Democrats and that percentage is even higher when considering established candidates who have held office for any length of time. And God knows that if they wanted someone who actually appealed to women voters they had to draw a blank (please let's not get started on history's prominent feminists versus, um, Anne Coulter).

Even if they wanted to beat the drums of experience, certitude and status quo more loudly, the leadership of the party was decimated by unpopularity, scandal and overall political disfavor. Lott, Santorum, Stevens, Sununu, et al., all political dog food at this point, either ousted or on the way out.

So, contrary to your blog entry, the pick was not brilliant but desperate, the press was not fearful but vigilant, and Palin was not intimidating but rather just glad to be invited.

October 15, 2008   09:54 PM PDT
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September 20, 2008   10:41 PM PDT
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