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Viking » anyone here?
Viking » Hi
adriatic » i'm searching a video, can someone help me out? vid is nes_042905.wmv seems that its deleted everywher
anita » hello, my blog is
vixen » cool site
Optometrist » ay what's up in here?
amanwil » I am so sad about you
Papaleya » you are the best wresteler
Papaleya » Eddie you are the best wresteler in history Exept I know you can`t read this r.i.p we miis you
abby » now why would i care what you think?
conservblk » I agree with you about the GOP. The GOP needs to go on offense and refute the libs with the facts. I would tell them not to be scarred.. BTW, I am from Durham
sherif » eddie I miss you sooo long latino heat
Seige » hiya there... how are you doing, Expertise?
john matthew » eddie you are the best wrestler in all superstars,we love you.
Expert » Nita, you "fell" sorry for me? Flunked English, huh?
nita » i fell sorry for u
Brilland » how did Eddie Guerrero die in a hotal room
john » eddie we love u
fan » lets pray for Eddie Guerrero viva la raza
SMF » Hey what up with those Panthers? Did you seen them going to the playoffs?
Expert » Yup. And you better hope Pittsburgh chokes, or you still wont make the playoffs.
SMF » The Bolts, spank the Colts
KEN » I dont know if i agree w/ the mariucci firing but i agree that harrington is causing his talented offensive line to step aside during plays this tells me that they are sending a message to him. I personally dont like his game,I am still thinking tha mike
Expert » I'm a referee for several sports. Not a pro or amateur athlete
Ez » What kinda sport do you do? Are you an athlete?
sami and nubia » who
sami and nubia » dear Eddie you will always be in my heart.You will be missed much.We will remember you as a great wrestler. May you rest in peace forever...............
angelica juarez » eddy u were a good wrestler and every fan of u is truly gonna miss u a lot. my family and i feel so sad when we heard u past away. you were still young and had a family, i hopeu live in a better place
SMF » Just came by to say hello. Thank you for always posting good news. I have been unable to post in the past when I have tried so that is why you have not heard from me.
SMF » Nice take on the Atlas post I had to steal it and it to my newer forum. Yes I moved again I will link tonite. Sorry I missed our Football picks but I got too busy this weekend I did not watch
dayrell » Hey nice spot u have here. I'm new 2 blogdrive.
SMF » Dear Edward, you fuck-tard. It's people like you that try and censor with out any clue. Just cus some one has a link does not make him the author of the page. It;s just a link.
SMF » Ok I came by looking for your week 5 picks. Waiting.
Expert » *thinks* *nods* yup. And there is a lot wrong with me. However, none of that has to do with my blogroll.
edddie » Are you PROUD to be unapologetically right-wing? What the fuck is the MATTER with you?
edddie » And it's not just Boortz. Hannity is there, Limbaugh, LGF, Wizbang, etc. A veritable Who's Who of right-wing nutjobbery.
edddie » Anyone who links to Neal Boortz has got to be pretty fucking stupid.
edddie » this blog apparently sucks a great deal of ass, if its blogroll is anything to go by.
Expert » I know you aren't. Congrats on the new site.
SMF » I hope you dont think I am spamming you. That is not my style.
SMF » Ok linked you sorry the last URL was wrong. This is the correct URL: Site looks the same but this one here now has the forum tied in. I will destroy the ot
SMF » Ok we need to make you a link me button.
SMF » 2day I am happy. Made a new site and will link you of course. I suck at blogging so I made the site instead.
SMF » I wish some one would go and shut up that stupid kid in the stands that kept yelling Brady's name.
SMF » Damm! Just as I was getting excited about the Panthers pulling a huge upset, the Patriots pull 10 points from out of the hat. Aarrggghhhhh!
bluetiger » I'm still praying that Randy Moss will bring the Raiders back. Good stuff, Ex.
Expert » Hey; both the Panthers and the Chargers choked in crunch time. i just wish every two-bit sportscaster didn't try to make the Saints into such a big deal. They won by a fg for christsakes.
SMF » You jinxed the Chargers you meanie but on the same token you jinxed the Panthers by Calling their rivals the homeless LMAO
Expert » Martin wouldn't need to cry for me, for I'm sure he can find plenty of people in prisons and ghettos to cry for.
A brother concerned » Martin would cry if he saw what a travesty of a man you are.
matic » the revolution will not be televised. you are the problem not the solution.
Expert » Moss is Moss. He's going to continue to act a fool despite what anyone says. It wasn't as if it was a big surprise, though.
SMF » I am not against the recrational use of MaryJane but what the hell was Moss thinking? At least we ain't talking about the other guy. I won't even mention his name~
SMF » UFC to air season II today Hey and how about them Chargers
SMF » It was thanks to you that I decided to blog I will link you. I think I will make a links section with buttons? Not sure how I will do it. TTYS
Expert » You did remind me to talk about Palmiero and Rogers later. However, I did discuss the steroid issue back in February:
SMF » lol @ the blogs. I stay away from politics and religion. I read the Chinese by law have register their blogs with the GOV lol i found that amusing I sure they know how to get around that issue.
SMF » Where are your comments about the Roids issue in baseball and what about T.O?
SMF » Go CHARGERS! Raider and Chargers have been rivals for many moons. I love the Raider fans. They are true and will never die. I can already see the Raiders losing to the Pats in week one ~
Expert » Sergio, your Chargers will be challenged by the Raiders this year, but I still like their chances.
khai » nice blog .. i am from Malaysia ..
SMF » Is it too early to say go Chargers?
Expert » Hey Sergio, thanks a lot. I appreciate you coming to my blog, man.
SMF » Just came by to say hello. Was reading your comments. Nice job. You know your shit. Peace
real black man » uncle tom
Expert » This was a house to be sold, so I allowed it to stay on here, as it's not a current address.
Blackie » Are you seriously allowed to put people's addresses on the internet without consent?
B.Low » Hi
Ann » Laura Golston, 84, Her home on the 2600 block of Elm Street is scheduled to be sold at public auction May 24 in Denver, CO
Ann » Antonio did a great job for the SuperSonics in the playoffs. It's sad however that he's done nothing to help his 84 year old paternal Grandmother keep her house from foreclosure. Real nice guy.
sam » 66
sam » does sergio or jesse win the next fight? anyone
c » gh
dechamp » yo
kristal » hi!cool and neat blog
Expert » Seige, blah. I guess it'll do for the time being.
Seige » that is all i can do for now. sorry
Expert » I'll keep an eye out for the book, but I have never heard any rumors about Mfume being bisexual (he couldn't be completely homosexual, given he has six children)
Lies » mfume is womenizing to try and hide his a gay american. check out the book by one of the females, titled N.A.C.P. (Notations Admix the Collard Pew) more than the women were getting favoritism .
Expert » Moe, I'm not aware of any such rumor at the moment. Then again, I don't live out west, either. I'll ask some people I know about it.
Moe » saying it will happen from may 5th until the weekend...
Moe » somebody please tell me that this rumor about mexicans killing black is just that a rumor...
bill » ?
The Don » Nice blog....I'll be sure to stop by often.
guy » hi
Expert » I don't think the Democrats would call for compromises if they weren't on the ropes. Democrats usually play to win. The Republicans don't.
Rich » McConnel really may not know how to count. I do not believe Reid is ready to compromise on anything. Broder (WP) must have been puffing some weed to put out the BS he did.
Expert » Hm. I'll check up on those sites later today. See ya on OKP.
Carine » Newsreaders are great, they help track blogs and online newspapers etc. I recommend and I'm sure you'll find them useful. let me know if you need any help
Carine » it has nothing to do with the site presentation. the rss helps readers track your posts with their newsreader. My old newsreader couldn't find yours but my new one does.
Chris » Just thought I'd check out your blog...always looking for more for my collection.
Chris » Just follow you link from you post infrequently over there, but have certainly made sense on those infrequent occasions.
Expert » Carine, good idea. I've seen the icons on others's pages, but I didn't know what they were for. Are you suggesting because it's hard to read my page or something?
Carine » May I just make a suggestion? Please add an rss feed. It would make it easier for readers to monitor your posts. It's just an idea ...
Expert » Yes, I know Swan Quarter very well. I grew up in the Ridge community outside of Engelhard
tums1102 » I was just searching for Hyde County blogs and this came up - I was raised in SQ and I saw in one of you archives you grew up in Engelhard-- small world.